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September 22, 2015

Heavy Petting – I read the blog but have not yet posted anything. This is because I’ve wanted to approach this slow and steady to make sure this is right for not just me (it has been a fantasy of mine for a long while and I’ve had gf’s who cuckolded me), but, for my wife as well. Especially since she had such a strong and controlled religious upbringing and has a sincere worry with hurting me emotionally – I wanted to make sure if we went forward she could live with herself and enjoy it completely.

Well, for months now we have joked around and even talked about her with others during sex (which excited me obviously and seemed to get her hotter). She would always follow with a “I could never do that” type comment. About 2-3 months ago the joking became more frequent and she started to ask serious questions about wife/gf sharing, concerns over me and my emotions, what kind of woman that would make her etc. I filled her in on what I’ve read, what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve witnessed amongst others.

After many of the initial conversations her joking picked up and started to become more graphic. This always excited me and we’d normally have amazing sex after. It was wonderful. Then, she began to become more flirtatious with a few male friends of hers and mine. It came to a point where one night she even shared some nude pictures of herself with them (of her own offering – not asked!). One in particular she has been teasing endlessly and started making comments about “hooking up” about a month ago. A few times these conversations got a more serious and they both talked about mutual concerns – which, they began to address.

Well, at the start of this week we had a long and meaningful conversation about her having sex with another guy (this one guy in particular). I told her that it was her choice and that the fidelity I worry about is the emotional. I enjoy sharing her and watching/knowing she’s getting physical pleasure that I can’t give her, but, this to me, is mutual enjoyment. She gets physical pleasure and freedom that comes from trust, and I get the enjoyment of knowing she’s pleasured and having her heart dedicated to me. A win-win so to speak. I told her to think of it as, a gift of pleasure that even though, I am not the physical source, I am giving her. She seemed very intrigued and almost excited and relieved the way I spoke.

Later that night she brought it up again and we talked. It was late and we were heading to bed. That day she had unprovoked asked about dick size mattering (trying to tell me it didn’t), and I told her the different sides of the debate and what I, and others, have witnessed 1st hand. Then she asked about him again. Well, we talked, and I decided to see how excited she was. As we talked, we started to have sex. She was SOAKED (even when she instigates sex, it normally takes a bit to get her wet) and amazingly hot. As we talked about him and had sex she commented that she’d never felt me so hard or full before (this is a big turn on for me!). Not to mention, it was amazing!

The next day she raised concerns about even if she did something she would be nervous because of all the questions “how was it?”, “how big was he?”, “was it good?”, “was it better?”, etc… and she wasn’t sure she’d be comfortable answering, stage fright and all. I reassured her and told her some past experiences to ease her worries. Well, that night she set up time to go hang out with him alone and the comments about him “filling her”, etc… abounded! The both said they wanted sex.

Fast forward to now… as I sit her writing this she has been over at his house for about 3 hours and made a joke about them having sex. Well… I noticed before she left she went up to the bedroom and I got curious. Now, she has permission to let him go bareback, and all our talks, sex-play, and joking as been with him bareback. However, I did notice that out of the 9 condoms that should be in the box, 2 are missing!!

So here I sit, going crazy in excitement and wonder. Are they doing anything? Are they fucking? Are the condoms going to be used or will she go bareback? Will she give me my first creampie from her? I have all I can do to keep my mind distracted, lol. Even if they don’t do anything, this has been amazing and probably the closest to my fantasy we’ve come so it’s a big step at the very least.

Anyway, going to go try to distract myself. I will fill everyone on the blog in more later.

Email # 2 – Well… things did not go as I had hoped, but seeing the change from where she was to what has happened is a big step.

Basically they spent the evening together, watched some movies, relaxed, caught up etc and then did a lot of heavy petting and making out. She got too nervous to fully go through with anything more that night.

When she got home she was extremely horny and I asked her about it. She told me the truth and I reassured her that this has to be at her pace but that I was very excited at what she did do. I reassured her that this excited me a lot and I showed her by eating her very wet pussy. She was SOAKED. She seemed to be much more at ease after this and we had an amazing night of sex. Talking about him and her having sex while enjoying my wife I was able to get hard twice in a row (a rarity!).

She seemed excited and much more confident when she SAW how excited I was at this much.

The next day was even more interesting. I had let the guy borrow my copy of Guitar Hero 2 and my wireless guitar but forgot the adapter for the PS2. He had to swing by to get it. Well, while we were all hanging out my wife out of the blue said that they were going to go upstairs so he could give her a massage.

They had been up there a while so I decided to take a peek and there was my wife laying naked as he massaged her back and butt. As he worked along her sides she rolled over and he began working the oil into her stomach and breasts. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavy and he slid one hand down to run a finger between her lips. She was soaking wet and I could see her breathing heavier as he fingered her. She rubbed his crotch through his jeans but he stopped her. At first I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I heard her answer, “Yeah, he really gets excited thinking about it.”. I thought “here we go…”, but sadly he said it would have to wait.

She apparently decided to do some teasing and straddled his lap and began playing with her breasts over his face. I could see his bulge getting bigger and she ground herself down on his hardon. He said it wasn’t fair because he really did have to go and she told him that their date better be soon.

Afterwards we had amazing sex to her telling me in her words about what happened and talking about her upcoming date. Right now he is scheduled to come by on Tuesday and she seems very eager to go through with it. I can’t wait to see if this finally goes beyond just teasing! Wish me luck! BTW, the pics attached are the same ones she showed to her male friends.

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