She’s Being Fucked By Another Man – Cuckold

July 31, 2015
My Girl

I find listening to my wife moan, groan and grunt as she’s being fucked by another man can be just as exciting, sometimes even more than if I was there to witness it. Without being able to see the action, my imagination runs wild. I wonder about what she is possibly letting her lover do to her. What position is he fucking her in now?

Is she taking it in her ass or pussy? Did he bother to completely undress her or did he just hike her skirt up over her ass, bend her over in front of him and start giving it to her from behind? Did he stop to put on a condom or is she taking his cock bareback in her pussy? Is his cock a lot bigger than mine?

One of my wife’s first lovers preferred to have my wife to himself and not let me participate or watch. My wife would send me to our room so she could have the rest of the house for her and her lover. I would never completely close the door all the way. I could always faintly hear them chatting and laughing in our living room. When I could no longer hear them talking, I knew the kissing must have started.

Then within a few minutes I would hear her wimpering as he was licking her pussy, or him verbally encouraging her to “keep it up” or “suck that hard cock” as she was on her knees in front of him. It was no trouble to know when she was getting fucked. I could easily hear her verbally releasing herself evertime he thrusted himself into her. He would contually say things like “take that you dirty girl” or “you’re a real slut who likes to get fucked aren’t you?”

Of course she would always reply with, “Yes, yes, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy!” I found it very erotic and thourghly enjoyed listening to them do what ever they felt like doing to each other. I was very pleased that my wife so thourghly enjoyed being serviced by another man.

I have not yet listened to her being used by someone else over the phone, but I can’t wait until I do. Her newest lover has agreed to call me up when the action starts on their next date. He’s going to call me up as she’s sucking his cock so I can hear her slurping and gagging on him, then leave the phone off the hook by his bed as he fucks her in it. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

In the past, she’s called me at work in the afternoon to tell me that one of her lovers is with her now, alone at our home, and they are sitting together on the couch but will soon be moving to our bedroom. Or, at night, she’s called to say that she’s at a bar with a guy who has been buying her drinks all night and she’s now leaving to go to his place to get fucked. It’s tough to keep your mind focused on your job after those kind of calls.

I think all nasty hot wives should have their husbands listen to them being fucked over the phone or maybe even on webcam. Just to prove that they are really the sluts they say they are.






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