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August 7, 2015

My Wife Sleeps with Her Ex Boyfriend

I have posted this on other boards and am curious if the members here have a similar situation. I am 34 years old and have never been with a man, although I have considered myself bi-curious for a long time. The following is an honest account of the unique sexual relationship I have with my wife. I apologize for the long story, but I feel all the included content is necessary in order to understand my perspective.

Seven years ago, my wife and I met and hit it off immediately. We had sex for the first time about two weeks after our first date and it was a rather interesting experience. While my previous partners had been quiet in bed, she was very talkative. In fact, a few minutes into our lovemaking session, she happened to comment that she hadn’t had sex since breaking up with her ex-boyfriend a year earlier. She then went on to say that she often thought about the first time she had sex with him and how exciting it was. I must admit that at first her comments caught me a little off guard. However, seeing her get excited while talking about him really intrigued me, so I asked her to tell me the story of their first time together.

She proceeded to tell me that they had lived in the same college dorm and couldn’t stand each other at first. They also happened to be seeing other people when they first met, but both ran into relationship issues and happened to meet up one evening on campus and began talking. They ended up back in her room and somehow started kissing while watching a movie. An intimate conversation ensued and she revealed to him that she had never been given oral sex from a man. He, like a typical college guy, confidently responded that he was very good in that department and could really make her feel good. They continued to kiss some more, but nothing else happened and he left after a while.

However, the next evening, my wife ended up calling him and invited him down to her room to fulfill his boastful comments. She told me that she answered the door wearing a nightie with nothing underneath. When he entered the room, he confidently put his arms on her shoulders and led her to the pull-out bed. He lifted her nightie and helped her remove it so she was totally nude on the bed in front of him. She commented to me that she felt kind of weird because they had not gotten along at all until just a few nights before. However, she said he was so aggressive that she didn’t have too much time to dwell on her nervousness. Basically, he spread her legs and proceeded to perform oral sex on her for about a half an hour. She said he was so good that she begged him to keep going.

After a while, she told him how good he made her feel and that she wanted to do the same for him. With her help, he removed his clothes and layed on the bed. However, after sucking on his penis for a few minutes, she noticed that he was not getting erect and she asked him if she was doing something wrong. He was a little embarrassed and told her that he had never had oral sex performed on him either. She was surprised, but told him to relax and she would “suck him off so good”. So, after a few minutes, everything was fine and she commented to me that she allowed him to come in her mouth. He made a cute squealing noise when he came, and she said that really turned her on.

So, afterwards, he sat up on the bed and they stared at each other for a minute or so. She looked down and noticed that his penis was “sticking straight up” as she put it. So, she went over to him and they proceeded to have intercourse until 4 the next morning. She commented that she was totally surprised at how long he lasted and how he could get an erection so fast after having an orgasm. They ended up having sex every weekend for a few months before they decided to finally go on a date! And, they were together for a solid three or four years, having “great sex” almost every night during that time.

I have to admit that this story turned me on more than anything I had ever experienced. Interestingly, while I hid my bi-curious tendencies from my ex-partners, I couldn’t hide it from her. Since I had seen a few pictures of this guy already, I was able to clearly picture them together. In the middle of her story, I blurted out that I thought he was hot and would love to see him naked. At first, I couldn’t believe what I had said and thought she was going to kick me out of bed. Instead, she became very excited and we ended up talking about him for the rest of the evening.

After that she reconnected with him through facebook and they ended up meeting at a hotel halfway between each other’s state and they relived that first encounter and again had sex until 4 in the morning. She came home and told me every bit, detail by detial until we both came hard. We continued to use that experience as fodder for our fantasies of him.

So…here we are many years later and his name often (but not always) is mentioned during sex. We are very honest with each other, and she comments that, while I make her feel incredible, she sometimes misses the way he made love to her. Instead of making me angry, this only adds to the odd crush I have on this guy. In fact, just the other night, we were both rather tired and decided to have a mutual masturbation session before turning in. We both got ourselves off while talking about him and his beautiful body.

My wife is totally into the fact that I have a sexual desire for her ex-boyfriend. We actually discussed at one point trying to get a hold of him again and see what he thought about having a threesome, which would be my ultimate fantasy. However, we decided that it should be best left as a fantasy and haven’t pursued it at all. I was just wanted to share this with the other guys on the blog as maybe someone else has had a similar experience.






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