Taken in the Bathroom – Cuckold

November 4, 2015

Cuckolded on a Plane – My wife and I were on a late night flight home out of Arizona. We ended up sitting in a three seat row, one seat empty. My wife was on the aisle. Across from her sat a guy who was traveling outbound on business. She chatted with him as we flew, I moved to the middle seat, next to her to try to be in on the conversation. At one point she asked me to put a blanket over her lap as she was cold. When I did this she arranged it to cover my lap as well and before I knew it we were feeling each other up under it. All the while she chatted with the guy, whose eyes kept watching our laps.

In a lull in the conversation my wife said to me “After the drink service goes by I’m going to the restroom, That one.” “is that an invitation?” I asked. “yes”

Drinks went by she got up and went where she said. I got up and followed.

I pulled the door open and quickly slipped inside with her. She sat on the toilet and undid my pants. While she was pulling my cock out she said “I think we really turned that guy on” I agreed. Then she said “It’s really not nice to excite him and leave him untaken care of” She started sucking me and I said “after I come why don’t I send him back” she hmmmed in agreement which made me come imediately.

As I went back to my seat I leaned over to him and said “did you see whre we were?” “Yes ” he said “She’d like to see you there”. He looked shocked then said “I see”, and got up and went back to the door. She had pushed it open a crack and in a second he was inside.

Our seats were towards the back of the plane, the rest rooms are also in the back of the plane and the starting point of the drink carts is in the back of the plane. When drink service starts the cart serves the back seats first then moves ahead. Only one flight attendant is on the backside of the cart and she (in this case) was busy getting orders and serving the seats next to and ahead of her. The other flight attendants and most of the other passengers are trapped ahead of the cart and can’t get back to the rear restrooms at this time. My wife went in the restroom first and I waited a moment. Unless someone was studying the situation they would assume I was going into a vacant room. The same would have been assumed of our “guest”. The only really risky part was leaving the restroom. There could have been a line for the rooms and they would have seen there was more than one occupant. I came so quickly I was out before the aisle was any where near clear. He came out quite a bit later but got away unremarked upon if anyone but me even noticed. Once the visiting party was out it was easy for my wife to get out.

After a while, maybe 15 minutes, the door to the restroom opened and he slipped out, quickly closing it behind him. I noticed him adjusting his cock through his pants as he walked back to his seat. As he sat I asked “did you two take care of things?”. “God yes” he whispered. Then “Uhhh thanks.”

A moment later my wife came out of the rest room and made her way forward. “How did things go?” I asked She said “great, but I’m tired now”. “I’ll bet”

She then indicated she wanted to sit on the window side, with me on the aisle. later she told me she felt a little strange sitting right next to the guy making small talk for another hour or so after what they did.

She lifted the armrest between her seat(s) and mine and sort of stretched out, resting her head against my chest. “So did you suck him?” I asked. “A little at first but we both really wanted to fuck, sucking you got me hot”. “So how did you manage that, it was pretty small in there?” “The tough part was finding enough room to get my pants off but once we got that done I kneeled on the toiilet seat facing the wall and he came up behind me and struck it in me. His butt was bumping the door and I was afraid someone outside would notice” “it couldn’t be seen from outside” I assured her. “After a short time he came way deep inside my cunt, he stayed hard so I told him to keep fucking me. It took a while longer for me to come because I couldn’t touch my clit, both hands were holding me up. Anyway I came and he pulled his cock out of me. I was pretty messy so I turned around and sat on the toilet. I gave him a goodbye suck while I was wiping myself up, then he zipped up and left. It was easier getting my pants back on when I was alone in there. next time we fly I think I’ll wear a skirt”




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