Tall Wife Cuckolds Her Husband – Cuckold

September 27, 2015

How I Became a Cuckold – We have been married 20 years, two kids normal sort of stuff, both in good well paid jobs and Live in the country in Northern England. I suppose you could say we are reasonably well off, with land horses and a home abroad. We are- to the best of my knowledge very happy together. I am a wife watcher. I have been for years in fact I think I was getting there when I first met my wife to be, although I didn’t know it then and neither did she – thankfully! My wife always stood out in a crowd well she would being tall and slim the years have been very Kind to her and she has retained her figure and looks exceptionally well, that’s my view.

Anyway im sure you will make your own mind up on that one. However to be a wife watcher You obviously need several things a wife- have, a willing wife, and someone to play with her- Had that too, John.

I suppose thinking about it I started being a wife, girlfriend watcher before I even had a wife to Watch she picked me up when she was 18 and had just left school I was 23. She was very drunk as she chatted me up and gave me her phone number. I didn’t take much notice of her frankly until the work colleague I had been with offered me a bet of £1 to Ring her. He bet me that I wouldn’t be able to take her out the following evening, produce her To him to collect the bet.

My girlfriend of the time was away visiting relative so he was on!

I Was very nervous as I phoned the number the next day a man answered. Surprisingly I didn’t bottle it and asked to speak to her. She didn’t seem to remember me but then again I wasn’t sure I would recognize her anyway. She did however agree to meet me at the top of her road.

So I was on! I wasn’t that nervous as I drove to meet her and as I approached her road my eyes were drawn to a tall, slim girl in tight jeans. As I got up to her I realized that she was very young, pretty and had a lovely small curvy tight bum, with small firm breasts sticking through her jumper – god that was her and she well looked very nice! She agreed to go out with me that evening and I though it’s “Christmas”. I planned to take her to a party to have a few beers and then seduce her, collect the bet job done!

She, as I was soon to find out, had different ideas. Firstly she had a confession she just turned 18. That should been an issue but she was very pretty, sat in my car, good company and well “fit” so what the hell. She had long beautiful legs and was tall. At that time Of my life girls came quite easily however this one was different. She went on and she had to be Home for 10.30pm it was obviously within a short time that I wasn’t going to bed her, touch her or anything! Although I managed to get to find my colleague to show her off bet sorted!

I Left her at 10.30pm with an agreement to see her again. Whilst she was 18 she was good company, mature in her outlook for her age and fun oh and fit too! I enjoyed her company we had lots in common in a strange way. My mates couldn’t believe how the hell had I pulled Her! They all commented on her looks and body and hell I was proud to show her off whilst I still had her.

Her nipples had a mind of their own, a drop of a couple of degrees sent them sticking out and Boy you could tell. Getting out of a warm car she could stop a pub full of guys. As she walked in men would look at her, her body and those nipples I loved it- she didn’t.

She was well known in the area perhaps one of maybe two tall girls. She could hold a conversation with any man and wasn’t at all intimidated but she didn’t like her height. I used to enjoy standing in a pub watching other men gazing at her I would even put my arm around her and touch her bum as I stole a glance at men as they looked at her tight bum. I suppose this was the beginning of my wife watching although I didn’t know it! I used to think later of those men wanking over the thought of her well I did anyway regularly.

Now my girlfriend was a bit of a drinker out every weekend getting wrecked most weekday nights and even at dinner times. She worked full time in a mill and knew loads of men and was im sure a bit of a teaser. She could get into any pub even at 18 being so tall. I had been going out with Her for perhaps 3 months when I first touched her breast over her tight jumper it wasn’t planned it just happened she jumped but immediately said she didn’t mind I moved on.

Touching her breast over her bra and under her jumper. Of all the sexual experiences I had previously had this is the one I remember as my first. She allowed me to make progress and about a month later came her first time. It was very disappointing for her not the romance she had hoped for.

I was well crap I enjoyed it but couldn’t hold myself and at 23! All that time waiting hoping and I buggered it up still she stayed with me thankfully. I didn’t love her and she didn’t love me we discussed this and agreed so although I think really we were both conning ourselves.

I found out years later that she actually went out with me, for several reasons, I was older and good looking mature in a good job so obviously decent, she liked the uniform I wore, I didn’t know any of her friends or much about her and she wanted to give her virginity to someone who could never report back to her circle of friends and claim “I bedded her”!!

I never thought of leaving her even then. Our sex life kicked off she was good I was very inexperienced as she found out and a quick shooter as I found out. I just couldn’t keep it long enough even though i’d have a good wank prior to seeing her. At Christmas that year I managed to persuade her to let me take my first nude photographs of her I never thought at The time it was rather odd for a nearly 23 year old to be taking pictures of a girl of 18. Sounds perverted now. She was very confident externally but really lacked confidence and was insecure really. She allowed me to take topless shots whilst she wore her jeans not full frontal but from behind and a side view they didn’t show much but enough. She has since had tit job and has enormous tits now which really intimidates me further.

I found the whole thing sexy.

Anyway that lead to her finally feeling better about herself and then came the inevitable day. She met someone at the pub while she was with her friends and got drunk and just like wityh me, gave him her number and brought him home. I awoke that night to the sounds of moaning. I went downstairs and couldn’t believe what I saw. There she was, nude and with a nude bloke on top of her shagging her brains out while she was cumming and cumming. I looked down to see my hard on, my raging hard on and just couldn’t stop looking. They were about done when she came hard one last time and that sent me shooting too … without even touching myself. They then noticed me and he got up, said, ‘sorry’ to me and went home. Her and I just looked at each other for the longest time. She looked guilty but then looked at my new hard on and changed her face a bit. She smiled and said, “you liked it!” which I admitted I did and then we both went to bed.

It never stopped.



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