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September 16, 2015

My Wife’s Texting While Making Love – I was just co
ming home from work when my wife told me she was going to meet up with her best friend’s boyfriend…alone. Knowing my wife’s elusive history, I knew exactly what that meant.

Sitting on the bed watching her change into a tight black halter top and jeans that made her ass look plump and delicious, I begged her to tell me what she was planning but she decided to keep it all a mystery. Suddenly I felt a bulge in my pants. She looked incredible and I almost wanted to pounce on her right then. She gave me a kiss on her cheek, handed me my cell phone and told me to keep it near. She drove away, ready to entertain this man with the body I could hardly resist.

Within half an hour she texted me telling me “He’s staring at my boobs. I can tell he wants me now.” She had met him at his job and I could tell she was making him eager and ready for a fun night ahead. I texted her, thirsting for every minute detail. “We’re heading back to his place now…” “He told me not to go into his room….Yea right…” And then, silence…

It was all quiet for about twenty minutes. I couldn’t help myself but text her “What’s going on??” Finally, I recieved a text “We’re about to have sex…” I went straight into our bedroom and took out my cock, waiting impatiently for another text…

Silence… I desperately needed to know what was going on over there…I had such vivid pictures popping up in my brain as I began to stroke my hard cock.

Suddenly I was taken out of my imagination with the phone vibrating. It was my wife…I figured she had finished and was calling me to tell me how it was. As I answered the phone, I heard loud moaning and my wife’s sweet, gasping voice….I put the phone to my ear and stroked my cock as I listened to this black man give my wife his huge cock.

“Oh my God, yes! You’re so fucking big, baby…” She whimpered. I heard bed springs and something pounding fast and hard.

“Fuck me, c’mon….fuck me hard…” She demanded to him. I heard him moan loudly as the phone dropped on the floor.

“Damn, girl…You’re gonna get hurt, c’mon…Yea.” I heard him groan into her. I heard two beeps on the phone and brought it down from my ear. Somehow, my sneaky wife had found a way to send me pictures without him knowing…

They were very blurry and I could barely tell what they were, but they were incredible nonetheless. I stroked harder and harder as I heard more pounding…

“Baby, yea…Girl I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum right on you….”

“Then cum, baby. Fuck me and cum right on my titties….They’re waiting for you…” She called out, knowing I was hanging on every word. Silence….I wasn’t sure if the phone had died, so I tried to listen closer…Quietly, almost as if I were imagining things, I heard my wife gasp for air…

“Yea….” She whispered, between breaths. That was the straw that broke the camels back as I came all over my hands.

“How was that, baby?” He asked her, catching his breathe.

“Amazing….” She moaned as I could almost feel her squeezing her pussy around his cock. I heard slight movement in the backround and then suddenly his voice broke through…

“Hey….I think…your phone is on…”

With that, I heard nothing. I checked my phone. It read “End Call.”

I couldn’t believe that I had just heard my wife have the sweetest pleasure a man could give her. I couldn’t wait till she got home so I could sink my cock into her already been used pussy. I was so ready to taste their love.

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