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September 21, 2015

Cuckold Wife – My wife texted me about her date.

So, if you have read previous posts about my wife, Alexandra, then you know that I usually watch her sexual escapades from the edge of the bed. But this week’s post is a little different.

This time, Alexandra went out on her own, to meet two guys she said were cute and funny. She never came home that night. Instead, the next day, while I was at work, she sent me the following narrative by text to my phone recapping her date. It took forever for the individual text messages to make their way. I have put the whole thing together below for your reading pleasure. Her story was accompanied by only 1 photo sent from her mobile phone right after the text story. She told me later that most, but not all, of the story is true. But she won’t tell me which parts are real. She likes my curiosity to swell!

Here is exactly what she texted me:

“So when we first met up, both of the guys were fun and nice. Both good-looking and friendly. When I sat down at the table, they both complimented me that I smelled good. Right away I knew id have to decide who to flirt with and eventually fuck.

As the trio played, I began talking with Joe. Dave shushed us half-jokingly. We made a mocking face at him and continued to talk; a little closer this time. Nearly face to face. After a while, the scene got boring. We had all driven separately, and I needed to change my clothes – into something sexier, I decided. So in order to tantalize them, I went to my car and stripped down to my underwear in the parking lot. They both stared from Dave’s care — speechless. Then Joe said, “I can’t believe she’s just changing her clothes right here! Now that’s a real woman! Knowing I had them both interested, I still wasn’t sure who I would choose. Both of them had become very attractive for different reasons. I decided to wait to see how things played out.

We decided to go to the East Side, to dance, not to the strip cubs. We all decided it was time for something really out of the ordinary. At the club, Joe bought a round of drinks and I sat with Dave. We laughed and talked, much like Joe and I had earlier. Only now Dave had his hand on my thigh. My heart was racing. Had they somehow planned this? But it flowed and felt so natural. Could it be that we were all 3 getting along like this? There was electricity in the air.

I had to go to the bathroom and the only one open was a unisex one. A single bathroom. As I walked there, Dave was behind me. I noticed that Joe was, too. Nervous, I detoured to the dance floor. The house music was bumpin’ and we began to dance. Separately, then me and Dave. Then me and Joe. Then the three of us together. Me in the middle. Hands everywhere. Joe left and Dave and I continued to dance. Joe came back with drinks. We raised our hands in the air to take them and I was reminded that I needed to go to the bathroom. I told them I’d be right back, but they said they also had to go. I told them there was only this one holer open and they said they were sure I’d seen a guy pee before. I agreed. Joe peed first, for a long time, which gave Dave and I a moment to kiss by the sink. He had his hands around my waist and tits. My nipples were rock hard. We kissed sloppy and wet. Too much passion. When Joe turned around, he said, “Oh, man! What do we have here?” We turned around and smiled. Dave turned the lights off. Before I knew it, we were there in the dark, both of them with their rock-hard cocks out. I pulled my shirt down and my full breasts flopped out. They each grabbed one and felt around leading to them to their mouths. As they sucked, I stroked their dicks. Occasionally, someone would knock on the door, or try the handle, but there were other bathrooms, or they could wait. We were busy.

They pushed me toward the wall, one on the left, the other on the right. I knelt down and started sucking a dick. I don’t know who’s it was…it was soft skin and smelled clean and moist. I slobbered all over it, to his moans and hips rocking. Now for the other one. Feeling around in the dark, I found it. I sucked and stroked for what seemed like hours. Loving every minute of it. More knocks at the door and my thighs were getting tired. But before I stood up, I decided to take them both in my mouth – they wouldn’t expect that!!

When I stood up, we had shifted positions, I only know that someone was smacking my round ass and rubbing his cock between my butt cheeks. I said I had to go – that WE should go. We were hogging the bathroom. We counted to 3 and turned on the light one. Blinded by the brightness, we laughed and hugged at the state of things. It was decided that we would walk out calmly and they assured me I didn’t look too disheveled. I caught my look in the mirror and I looked like a ravaged woman. Skin wet and flushed, lips swollen and pink, eye makeup smudged. I loved it. I thought to myself, I don’t care who sees! Let them know that I am a free spirit, that we’ve all had each other! Let them wish it was them!

Another drink at the bar and we were looking at each other with hungry eyes. This needed to keep going. How could we all be getting along so well? As if we’d known each other for years?! It felt hot, normal, tribal, fun! Dave suggested we go back to his place.

Back at Dave’s we had one more beer and I took my clothes off. Quite pleased to stand there naked and comfortable. Their clothes joined mine on the floor and they stood there cocks at strict attention. First they bent me over the couch, one thrusting inside me, the other in front in my mouth. I expertly stroked and worked my hips giving them both intense pleasure. They switched places, as Dave said, “You gotta hit this. It’s fucking priceless!” We stayed on the couch for a while and they took turns fucking me while the other watched. At one point Dave even smacked Joe’s ass and tickled his balls. I cant be sure, but I think Joe was a bit surprised! I laughed a little to myself. Dave left and went to his bedroom. We followed.

In bed, I was made into a sandwich. Rocked back and forth between two cocks – one in my pussy and one in my ass. My long, raven hair laid across my back. I had been a long time since I was ass fucked and it took a while before I could enjoy it. Soon they both began to moan and I knew that all the play at the bar and now almost two hours at home, they couldn’t take much more. I began to roll my hips round and round, catching one on the upstroke, the other on the down. Almost at once Dave tore his cock out and I could feel his hot cum shoot on my pussy lips. Joe was next and it went all over my ass cheeks and back. We laughed as it went in my hair!!

I asked if I could take a shower and did. While in there I looked in the mirror and fancied myself. From the side, backwards over my shoulder. I liked what I saw. Like a cat, I slipped into the shower. Bonus! A hand-held shower head. I put it on stream and held it over my two-inch clit. As I came I shuddered and thought I might slip. I came out in a towel, found my drink and satisfied, I sipped it and waited for each of the guys. We laughed and recalled certain moments. It was as friendly and familiar as it had been earlier that evening. No shame, no embarrassment. We looked at the clock and it was after 4 a.m. Tired, we turned in and fell fast asleep. I was cozy in the middle.”

This message made my dick harder than any of the other times when I have actually watched her fucking other men in front of me!

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