The Fantasy of What Wife Will Do – Cuckold

September 28, 2015

Birthday Cuckold – I have been dating my g/f for a while over 5 yrs now. We have become very open and have tried a lot of things, and as we move forward I also look for new things to try and do to her and/or with her.

For my birthday she usually asks me what I want, and recently I have decided that I no longer want materials things, but sexual “favors” or to go away and for her to be my little slut (like to tell her that) for the weekend, she is such a good girl that just seeing her act/dress like a slut just turns me on soooo much.

For my birthday I would like for her to dress in her in a short dress/skirt and a top that shows off her boobs, when she dresses like that, I love to walk behind her and look at her legs and nice ass. On the first night I would like to go down to the hotel and she would have under her clothes her clit vibrator which I will control to tease her. When she drinks and gets tipsy, she becomes a bit slutty, and I would like to touch her and kiss her passionately right there, and I would like to grab her ass and boobs.

Once she has been all worked up, I would like to take her back to the room and tie her down and blindfold her, she loves it when I do that. I would bring out all the toys and oil her up, start with a massage, lick her pussy (love it, the wetter the better) and her ass, which she loves. I would tease her with the toys and slowly enter her from behind. I would continue to play with her ass and pussy going down on her and entering her with my cock (I like the taste of our sex juices). After teasing her ass, I would slowly begin to tease it with my cock and slowly finger her ass. I will slowly work my way in and continue entering her pussy, I would put her on her hands and knees and do her doggy style, slowly picking up speed. The she asks to cum, that’s when I’d bring in a man I met online to fuck her even harder and finish her right.

OR …

I don’t know if I would ever move to the depths of serious cuckolding, but I would like for her to go on dates and flirt with other men. Being said, I would like to dress her very sexy ask her to go to a bar/night club and see the attention she gets, I love to look at her and seeing her flirt also stirs something deep inside of me, I trust her and love her so much that it only excites me. I would like for her to approach whoever she finds attractive and talk, flirt and slowly turn the conversation sexually and see how far she can get with it and see what he would ask her. I would like to sit close enough to watch her flirt touch him, and I him to maybe touch her too. I would love for her to tease him. I would like to see them dance and drink making her horny for me to enjoy when we get back to the room. Once back in the room I would like her to tell me about what they talked while she slowly plays with my cock, sucking and riding me, I want her to talk dirty as she describes their time and ride me till I cum then move up to my face and make me eat her out.

OR …

Her fucking a random guy at a hotel we stay at for one night. It would be someone like the room service guy or other staff member while I watch and take pictures.

She said she will grant me one of my fantasies but she isn’t telling me which one yet. I’m so nervous right now I had to tell someone. I’ll write back an a week after my birthday is over.




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