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August 21, 2015

Getting My Friend to Sleep with my Wife – My name is Andrew and I have been together with my wife, Jane, now for 10 years but we have been married for only 5 of those years. My wife was married before but divorced shortly before we met. Sex between us has always been good and I have a very active imagination, my wife however is quiet conservative and has only had sex with 2 men in her life (both her husbands).

Jane is open to new things and whenever I want to try new things she is always ready to please, only occasionally I have to convince her to try something I have in mind. Over the years our sex has gone down hill as with most marriages and I have tried many times to spice things up with toys or food or sexy clothes. We have fun but nothing seems to really get Jane going. I then started to look at other problems, I am not hung but at 6” think I am average with an average girth. I started asking Jane questions and realised that she almost never reaches orgasm from penetrative sex but has to masturbate during sex to cum. I asked her on one occasion as she was straddled my cock and masturbating furiously if I was larger or smaller than her first husband. Smaller in length and girth was the answer.

At 44 I am not so hung up on being the biggest or best at things so I was not upset at this revelation.

I went on-line to look about ways to satisfy my wife more and happened upon many cuckold sites and read some of the stories there. A light went on in my head; get a hung man to fuck my wife like a beast and give her the satisfaction she needs.

I suggested the idea to her during sex and she instantly said yes. That set me over the edge and I shot my load unusually quickly. So I set out to find a lover which isn’t as easy as you might think. It isn’t easy going up to people and asking them if they want to fuck your wife! Also we lived in a small village on an island so if word was to get out then life would have been very hard indeed.

I setup a profile on a local sex website and got many interested men sending messages. I told Jane the good news but to my surprise she wasn’t impressed at all…..

She said that when she had said yes to the idea she thought it was just some sex talk and not a real request. Back to square one!

I then spent the next year or so trying to bring her around but nothing seemed to be working.

We had been having more and more general problems within our marriage, mostly my fault. My wife is naturally a very strong willed woman and is used to running the home which I have let her do. However more and more she was becoming my boss and ordering me around, telling me what to do and what not to do until one day I burst and gave her both barrels of my mind. I took the rains back from her and told her how I was going to lead my life, with her or without her. And told her that any more nonsense would result in punishment.

She didn’t believe me!!! Silly woman. The first punishment was to send a friend of mine that she hates a photo of her tits which she did. About a week later oooops another infringement, this time a pussy pic, big protest but it was done. She seemed to settle down after that so I laid out some more changes that were to be made. Bedroom changes. Our sex life had fallen to once a month, so from then on she was to be available to me at any time I wanted sex and she was to be more active during sex as she was in the old days. This worked a bit but I was still having to push too much with sex and becomming more and more frustrated.

During last summer I went to work on a ship and was away from home, the work was interesting but there was too much free time with almost nothing to do. I finally sent my wife a message telling her that I had enough and wanted a divorce. She was upset and promosed to do anything to save the marrage! I had my opening. I told her that she was to start flirting with another man and when she was comfortable with that to fuck him. She agreed and I found a willing man through a friend of mine.

Jane and Tony started exchanging text messages first which progressed to picture messages but still no meeting. When I got home I pushed her to meet Tony for a drink no strings attached. She went alone to meet him at a bar a few miles away and returned a couple of hours later. She liked him and he made her laugh! Fantastic. Shortly after I was away from home again and things started going cold between Jane and Toni so I pushed her to invite him over. I called Toni and told him that he should also push to meet up with Jane again and told him that I wanted photos of the two of them fucking if he managed to fuck her.

A couple of days later they arranged to meet at my house, I was beside myself all day with worry, excitement, jealousy and couriosity so I kept myself as busy as possible to keep my mind off the evening ahead. At about 22:00 I was with a friend and we were lightly arguing about something when I received a picture message on my phone, I looked and to my shock and wonderful excitement it was a photo of Toni’s cock at the entrance of my wifes pussy with a full condom on. I think you can only really understand how I felt if you have experianced your wife fucking another man. It was fantastic, wonderful, exciting.

Shortly after the message Jane called me and told me that Toni had left. She was a bit ‘matter of fact’ about the date, she said that she had enjoyed in but it she had been very nervous all the way through.

A month later they met again (with a little pushing from me) again i got an almost identical photo from Toni but this time without the condom. Oh glory!!! This time Jane really loved the experiance and said that she had orgasmed something that she finds hard to do. Jane is hooked and activly wanted to meet Tony again for sex. During the Christmas period this was quite difficult because of family visiting but just last week while away again I was blessed with 4 pics from Toni. This time Jane has obviously allowed Tony access to any hole he wants as he fucked her in the ass, got a blowjob from her and filled her pussy with his cum. I am so happy I can’t even begine to explain. I am now looking for a hung man, maybe even a hung black man to give Jane a good fucking, if I do I will be present and take my own photos of the event.

andrewjanetoni @ hotmail.com





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