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October 27, 2015

Cuckolded by My Ex Girlfriend – Hello, my name is Chris and I’ve read so many great stories on this site now that I thought it was time to report my own limited experience of sharing a loved one with another man. I wouldn’t describe me or my ex-girlfriend as a swinger (as we call them in the UK!), nor am I a submissive husband type, but I had to write in and share my experience with others, hopefully some of you will associate with the feelings I felt one evening when Louise and I had gone out for a drink – as friends – we had been separated for a couple of months by then and it was a mutual agreement, based on arguments we’d been having over trivial things, and deciding we were better friends than we were boyfriend and girlfriend. This may not be the nastiest story I’ve read on here and it is a bit long winded, but it is 100% as I remember the event, and one that has changed the course of my sexual appetite and experiences that followed it.

We had been together 18 months, during which time we had a great time, but we had in fact been experiencing a few problems. Mainly she had a friend called Adam, whom I’d never met, but who was still on the scene. They had never actually been an ‘item’ but they had slept together now and then, out of convenience. This all stopped when she and I started seeing each other, and he was very unhappy about it. The reason was that he was on to a good thing – freedom to go out drinking and partying together whenever they wanted, no commitment and he always thought he could do better so he had the best of both worlds with Louise, she wanted him, he hadn’t really wanted her. So when that was pulled from under his feet they stopped hanging out together as she and I were now a couple. That suited me fine, he seemed like an idiot anyway, and he was adamant he never wanted to meet me and the feeling was mutual.

Anyway, back to the night in question that keeps me reminiscing even now I am in a new relationship with someone else. We had gone into town to a local pub and we were very experienced at having a good night out buying far too much booze and laughing and chatting like the night would never end, keeping ourselves to ourselves and minding our own business. Louise has long dark hair, big brown eyes, very tanned complexion, curvy hips and is a very attractive woman. Her greatest attributes, physically, are her sensational tits which she likes to keep on show in very flattering dresses, demonstrating proudly her ample cleavage. She is very proud of them, and I too was all too pleased to sit across the table from them, admiring them.

During the course of the evening, we got on to the subject of her previous encounters with Adam, and I asked her if she had heard from him recently now that she and I had split up. She said he popped in from time to time for a cup of tea but that they didn’t get on as well as they used to.

I said to her “I’m surprised that in all the time we’d been going out you and he hadn’t ended up shagging, given that you used to now and then. Did anything happen while we were together? You can tell me you know, you know I’m not likely to go berserk and get all jealous. You should tell me, seeing as we’ve split up anyway”

She did no more than to pause for a long time, look at me and say, “There was once, months ago when we ended up having it off at my house, when you were away on that training week.”

I was understandably quite shocked. Despite my liberal outlook, I do remember getting that sickly, heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach, one of complete dread at finding out you’d been deceived. I am old enough to know now though that this is sexual jealousy, as much as betrayal and quickly I found myself becoming stiff and hard at the thought of them having had sex behind my back. She told me they’d done it on the stairs of all places, as she was in her dressing gown and he’d popped round to drop some tickets off. He’d told her she still looked great in a dressing gown with wet hair, and she’d slapped him playfully and laughed saying “YOU could have had me but you didn’t want me, and I’m with someone else now” apparently he’d replied “I can still have you anytime I want, Lou, as well you know.”

She had said “can you fuck!” in defiance. He’d then put his hands in my girlfriend’s dressing gown, getting a feel of her ample tits, but she’d pushed him away, saying “cheeky bastard get off”. Cheeky bastard indeed, I’d thought. A valiant attempt at behaving herself, I’ll give her that – until he then kissed her and she tried to push him away but then ended up kissing him back. She told me that was it then; she knew it was wrong to give in to him but he’d set her off – the minute she had reciprocated the kiss, his hands were all over her, opening her dressing gown in full view of the kitchen window and fingering her clit while he did so. She couldn’t have stopped him then even if she’d wanted to, her tongue had given her away and he knew she was gagging for it at this point, I’d been away for three days and she was obviously in season.

He had then pushed her towards the stairs, presumably intending to take her upstairs, all the time unbuckling his jeans and getting ready to give her a much needed fuck for old time’s sake. They never made it to the bedroom, apparently. She fell back onto the bottom stairs and her dressing gown fell open, her cunt lips and her tits on show expressly inviting him inside her. She told me it all happened within about a minute or two – there was no oral, no foreplay – he just pulled down his trousers and jeans and his uncut shaft sprung to attention, and within seconds of her laying back on the stairs and opening her legs, he was up inside her, pumping away at my girlfriend’s heat like he knew it might be the last chance he ever got.

Now while she is telling me this, she can see I am getting more and more excited, saying “Really??!” “Oh my god you mucky slag!” and occasionally calling her a filthy slut but she could tell I was revelling in it… She told the story in more and more juicy detail once she realised how I was getting off on it. She summarised it thusly, “That was about it, basically – he shagged me hard and fast for about five minutes then shot his load deep up inside me, groaning in delight. He had cum, I hadn’t, so after he’d zipped up and I told him to clear off I went upstairs and fingered my cummy fanny until I was spent” That was when I then rang you and told you I’d spend the morning sorting out things to go up into the loft”

As soon as she said this I knew exactly when it was. Knowing that I’d been in a meeting that whole morning, oblivious to the fact that her old mate Adam was pumping away at my ex-girlfriend’s fanny, was too much for me. I called her a dirty slag, grinning, and I said she should have told me when she had rang me. I would have forgiven her. She said she wished she had, but she was worried about how I’d react.

Anyway, this wasn’t the end of my evening’s excitement. Little did I know that fate had something else up its sleeve, and had we not just had this discussion and been so very horny, with the added relief and euphoria for her that I hadn’t got mad, the following event would undoubtedly not have happened.

Part 2

They called last orders at the pub, we’d stayed in there all night and the subject had changed but the atmosphere was different. We had been split up for months but hadn’t slept together, getting well and truly into a distinct ‘friend zone’ – but I had a feeling I could well end up shagging her for old times sake, if we could just keep from drinking much too much.

It seemed someone else in the pub had had the same idea. Some bloke who I hadn’t noticed who had also been in the pub all night drinking with mates, had clearly noticed Louise’s tits and her great smile as we’d been laughing and joking. I’d had my back to him so hadn’t seen him, but before they closed the pub I’d got up and gone up to the toilet.

I came back downstairs and Lou was still sat in our booth, but this guy was stood there talking to her. He looked about 20 years older than us, maybe mid 50’s, dark blue jeans and shirt, slightly greying hair, average looks but his apparent level of drunkenness was doing him no favours. I was astute enough to notice he had a wedding ring on. He looked like he could barely stand up, and she seemed to be making polite conversation with him, and I thought nothing of it. I was quite drunk by this point and so probably a bit confused as to what he wanted. I came back and sat down opposite Lou, and he said “Just wondering what the time is mate?”

I said “It’s gone eleven, time we were heading off I think.” And with that he said thanks and staggered off.

I laughed and said “What on earth did he want? Directions to the nearest AA meeting!?”

She laughed and said

“He came up and asked me if you and I were a couple! I told him we weren’t any more, that we were just friends. He said you were daft to let me go, and that he’d happily take your place then he gave me his number on a note, he must have thought you going to the toilet was he chance to get in there…!”

“The cheeky shit!” I said and laughed. It got my mind racing again; thinking about what this drunkard would even be capable of doing with my ex-girlfriend if he had the opportunity and behind his wife’s back as well the dirty fucker. By now we were the last ones in the pub, and we reluctantly pulled on our coats and stepped out in to the summer night arm in arm and headed for home.

“Let me have a look at this note he gave you then!” I said to her as we casually meandered home. She passed it to me and I read it, through the haze of the booze I gazed in disbelief at the contents handwritten on the note :- “Mike – mobile 07786***355 Call me anytime if you’re up for a shag”

I read it and instantly found myself getting a hard on, my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe this guy had had the nerve to come up to my missus (okay she was now my ex but he wasn’t to know that) and slyly pass her a note suggesting she was some kind of cock-hungry slapper that would even need a booty call with some random older guy. His boldness and presumptuousness excited me. Again I found myself thinking ‘cheeky bastard’, but I liked it nevertheless. I said to her

“I dare you to ring him and see what he suggests”

“Get lost I’m not ringing him, you ring him” she said playfully, and so I took my phone out of my pocket and rang his number as we were still walking home. It rang out about five or six times, then picked up “Hello?” the voice replied. I quickly passed the phone over to Louise and she looked at me despairingly, knowing I was too chicken to speak to him.

“Hi it’s Louise, you spoke to me in the pub ten minutes ago?” He must have replied with something of a compliment because she laughed and said “Why thanks, its summer time so hence the need for summer dresses!” and laughed.

He said something else and she replied “Well you never know I might even have to stop off on the way home and get them out, it is a pretty warm night as you say and I’ll need a rest and I’m not quite ready for bed yet.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying; she was now teasing him and taunting him saying she was going to get her tits out. My heart was beating really fast now just thinking about it and all I could think about by now was getting up inside her, fast. To my amazement, she ended the conversation with “I’ll be in Titchfield Park, playing with my tits if you are interested.” then hung up.

I laughed and called her a dirty bitch and she told me he’d been saying he wanted to suck on her tits while he fucked her. She laughed and joked about it but I could see she was excited, using far more colourful words than I was used to hearing her say.

Two minutes walk later and we walked arm in arm into the park – we could have carried on straight down and walked through the streets to get home but it seemed natural enough now to stray into the park, which was an open grassy arboretum full of windy paths and park benches. It was a warm evening and the moonlight was bright in the sky.

After walking for about two minutes, we approached a park bench, and she stopped and said “Let me stop for a minute, my shoes are killing me” and sat down slipping out of her cowgirl boots revealing her bare tanned legs and feet. I said “you’d better not stop too long, your mystery admirer might show up and take THAT as an invitation.”

“I doubt it” she replied “he’d be more likely to take this as an invitation” and pulled up her summer dress to her waist, pulled off her black lacey knickers with both hands swiftly and threw them on the grass. She then opened up her legs wide and I needed no further invitation. Like a dog that had been kept away from his dinner, I knelt down immediately between her spread legs, her feet stretched so wide they were resting on the bench either side of her. Her agility always astounded me and so did the familiar musky scent of her shaved cunt, her full heavy lips which were now glistening with arousal. I ate hungrily from her fuck hole in sheer delight, sucking and lapping up her juice while she moaned and cried out “Oh fucking hell, that’s good, don’t stop, tongue fuck me, make me cum, fuck its been so long…” I remember being in a frenzy, and what was worse, I couldn’t stop imagining Adam pumping away at this beautiful pussy, then leaving her filled with cock cream while I was oblivious. I wanted to eat this gorgeous bitch until the sun came up.

I didn’t get the opportunity. At the same time as my barely registering peripheral senses other than taste picked up on footsteps walking towards us, she said “Oh fuck there is someone coming!” and laughed, but all I could muster was a muffled “mmmph?” as I was in overdrive by now – barely even drunk, but totally intoxicated on eating pussy. Instead I continued, as she whispered “Stop! someone is watching – oh fuck don’t stop though I’m going to cum in your face, fuck – please – its too good”

“You weren’t joking when you said you were going to be playing in the park were you?”

I paused for a second, more shocked than anything that the voyeur who was enjoying the show had now spoken and was stood so close. I looked up and instantly recognised it was that guy Mike who had tried to proposition her in the pub while I was in the toilet. I was past caring by now, I returned to my job at hand, and carried on kneeling between her spread legs, sucking greedily at her cunt like a slave in a trance.

She laughed in reply to this and but continued to curl her little toes with delight. He then persisted,

“You look like you’re enjoying the talents your boyfriend has to offer there.” and she then replied between clenched teeth and gasps of delight

“He isn’t my boyfriend for your info– but what have you got to offer??!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I almost looked up to see if it was the same woman I’d been in a relationship with eighteen months previous as I’d never heard her be so bold before.

I carried on with the task in hand, sucking and tonguing greedily between my ex’s legs, and now finger fucking her also. Inevitably the next thing I heard was this stranger behind me undo his zipper – when I opened my eyes and looked up, he was kneeling up on the bench next to Louise, his jeans and underwear pulled down over his thighs, and his semi rigid uncut dong waving dangerously close to her face. I knew what was going to happen then but it came as no less of a surprise and no less exciting, as she wrapped her right hand round the base of his shaft, pulled the foreskin taught back, and wrapped her stunning mouth around his glistening head.

‘Go on you slag suck that fucking cock’ I thought to myself. I had had hundreds of blowjobs from this woman, but this was the first time I’d ever been a third party to any cock sucking in real life. It was better than any porn. And I never realised what a greedy cocksucker he was. Straight away he was moaning and praising her oral skills, and I continued licking her pussy gently long after she’d shuddered and flooded my mouth with pussy juice. She had cum and was now turning her attention to ensuring his dick was bolt rigid in her mouth and hands while I licked gently at her trickling vagina, which seemed hot to the taste.

“I reckon you need a fucking good shag” he promised, and I looked up to see her wanking his shaft that was now as thick as a beer bottle and about as long. Astonishingly she was now looking up at him now, clearly considering her reply. She was getting carried away. My heart was absolutely pounding, I was still licking but all my attention was on their exchange.

“Fuck it, why not, I need it right now” and within seconds of her consent, he had pulled free of her grasp and was kneeling down on the grass next to me, lifting up her thighs and pulling her towards the end of the bench.

He took hold of his prick with his right hand and said to me “Budge out the way for us, mate.” I was utterly powerless to protest even if I’d wanted to, and the way he said it was like I was taking up a seat on a bus or something. I had no say in the matter at all. I knew I didn’t, which was why now I still find it so intensely exciting. It was me who now felt like the third party, as I watched in shock and delight as he rubbed the head of his bulbous, spit drenched cock she’d been sucking on seconds earlier, and said “Oh yeah you really are soaking wet aren’t you you fucking horny bitch?” and she could only nod, rolling her eyes and stretching her legs wide on a public bench. She let out a long deep moan, the likes of which I had heard a thousand times before, as this stranger’s prick pushed its way into my ex girlfriend’s fuck-hole.

I watched like a hypnotised medical student, kneeling next to him, now with my own jeans and underpants down around my thighs as I wanked my hard cock off to the sight of this bloke sliding joyfully and triumphantly in and out of my lover. He looked a good twenty years older than us, but was still in pretty good shape, almost a bit wiry and slim but he knew exactly what he was doing and it was obvious his tackle was no stranger to younger pussy, with skills and confidence like his.

“How’s that?” he grunted as he worked up a rhythm on Louise, pumping steadily and deeply up to the hinge with each stroke.

“Yeah go on fuck my pussy, do it hard and fast, fuck my cunt like you own it” she panted and hissed, and he responded by speeding up his thrusts, until he was buckled over her like a dog pumping frantically away at her hole, no longer able to talk, but just grunting and moaning and whispering “fuck fuck fuck that’s good” every now and then. By this point I was sat down on the bench next to her, my pants around my ankles, and she was wanking my cock for me with her head and long hair back over the bench. Her eyes were closed and her legs up in the air while this ‘Mike’ went to town stabbing away furiously at her cunt with his married pole.

We continued like this on the bench in the middle of a park on a warm summer’s night for what seemed like minutes, but was probably more like ten or fifteen minutes. Mike was leaning forward, alternating between sucking and then groping at her huge tanned tits as they swung rhythmically to the thrusts of his cock, and I heard him moan”Fuck I’m gonna cum”, to which she panted “do it fill me up”.

This clearly was too much for him and he moaned like any over-excited male would do after pounding this buxom beauty, and as his pace began to slow, I knew he had just shot his load inside my lady friend. He slowed right down and stayed there inside her a moment, panting like a dog that had befriended a bitch in season. He then slid out of her, his slick dong now semi-erect as he fell back onto the grass moaning and chuckling “oh fuck that was good, that was fucking good” – to which Louise began chuckling also, I think partly in pleasure, partly at his whimpers of approval and ecstacy.

I was still being slowly wanked off, smiling and reeling in semi disbelief from the moments that had just passed. “I’d get inside her and have some of that right now if I were you mate” this stranger then said to me, and I did just that.

I assumed the same position, wiped the head of my cock on what was now a dripping mess of a cunt, and thrust it in fast and deep, with barely any resistance at all. It was just as well, as the thought of pumping my ex girlfriend’s now-thoroughly spermed fuck-box was too much for me, and I shot a second load up inside her womb within seconds, much to my own disappointment but to her obvious delight as she cried out and shuddered in what I had hoped was a climax of her own.

By the time I’d pulled out and began pulling up my jeans, Mike was stood up, buttoned up and as brushing the grass off his pants, still admiring my ex-girlfriend’s cunt that was now both ruined and still on show to the night. I wonder to this day who else she would have taken on had there been anyone else about. Eventually she composed herself, standing up and rearranging her dress, before exclaiming impatiently “come on I’m knackered now, I need to get home to bed.”

“I suggest you come back to mine then, its only five minutes walk” Mike suggested. I’d had my share of surprises tonight so I was glad when she replied politely that she would be stopping at mine, but that she was glad he decided to swing by the park. He was persistent, a bit too persistent for my liking but still his tenacity sent a twitch of excitement through my cock. This cheeky bugger almost seemed to be able to persuade her to do anything if he so wished it, in such a way as I’d never been able to do.

We went our separate ways at the bottom of the park and she and I walked the ten minutes back to mine, chatting and laughing about a completely different subject as though nothing had happened. Looking back it was a bit bizarre in a way but we said nothing about it even when we got in, poured a pint of orange squash each to try and evade the worst of the next mornings’ hangover (like I said she is a seasoned drinker) and went up to bed. We slept in the same bed that night, her naked but for her soaking wet oversexed thong, and me in my briefs. Long after we’d switched off the light though and I knew she was asleep – she was cursed with something of an annoying snore – I lay in bed replaying the whole thing in my head and thinking of how much it had excited me that evening. I didn’t know what to wank about more – imagining her being given a good fucking on the stairs behind my back by Adam, or this whole experience of a stranger filling my ex with semen right in front of me on a park bench.

I lay on my back quietly and carefully wanking, dying to slip it in her again, and knowing she was still flooded with two blokes’ sack load. I refrained, knowing she might not be as turned on as I was right there and then while trying to sleep.

In the morning she woke up, and – typically for her in the morning, she was awake first and obviously horny. I heard her get up and go for a shower. While doing so I checked my mobile and there was a text from a number that wasn’t stored in my phone. I knew straight away who it would be from.


He had even put the post code for ease of her sat nav. What a gent. I wanted to delete the message and ignore it but I couldn’t. Straight away I was bone hard again. When she returned upstairs she was grinning, she looked fantastic in a shirt of mine and just her panties. I had to keep reminding myself why we’d split up by this point and she quickly got back into bed and cuddled up behind me.

I showed her the text and she laughed and commented on how persistent he was, and how she must have made an impression.

“How could you not?!” I said, running my hands over her legs, up to her inside thigh, and massaging her clit gently.

“Hmmm you never know maybe I will text him myself and I can have my very own no strings older fella?”

She teased. Then she felt the heat from cock with every word she said and started stroking it, telling me she always knew I was a perve but that she had no idea I’d get off on sharing her with an older bloke. We chatted for a long while in bed, her telling me how she felt as though last night she could’ve got away with doing anything, as she didn’t know him so didn’t care what he thought of her. She said she liked being a stranger’s fuck toy in a way as long as he didn’t know her or who she was, even her name. I told her the thought of her being full of spunk from a guy old enough to be her dad, and me then getting to take seconds on her tight hole after he’d used it, drove me insane with erotic jealousy.

“Why don’t I come over and see you then, after I’ve called round at his for a second helping?”

I won’t tell you what my answer was.

Chris – cheekycm @ yahoo.co.uk

Cuckold Cuckold


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