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July 27, 2015

Wife Becomes an Interracial Cumslut

My wife had her first child two months ago and since then her attentions had once again turned to another Black lover. Her first black cock experience had left her more satisfied than ever before and also given her a child. This time she wanted a bigger guy than before and once again she allowed me to dress her to be serviced. The only rule was that he would wear protection as she hadn’t started her cycles again yet and could be ovulating. I choose a short little skirt some white stockings and a tight bodice top so she looked really slutty and off we headed to a few clubs. We had a few drinks and whilst having a good time we scanned the club for suitable mates, but any guys she liked were taken and the ones that were on for it weren’t her type. She danced like a flirt and had a good time but by 2 o’clock we were still looking. We decided to go to another club but on our way out she caught the eye of one of the doormen.she went over and began to flirt, he loved it and there was obvious chemistry between them. After a few minutes he told her when he was due to finish and whilst running her hand up his leg she agreed she would see him later and we walked away.

He was waiting when we returned and immediately he and Miranda began flirting and touching, she was feeling his large bicep as he talked then he moved his hand to her ass, as soon as he did they started to kiss. They were all over each other, I watched as in full view of a street full of people my wife was groped by this big black guy. Their tongues were entwined as they kissed and she ran her hand down the front of his jeans. She turned to me with wide eyes and said ‘get us a cab’. On the route home they didn’t stop, he ran his hand up between her leg and she flinched as in one firm movement he impaled her on his strong fingershe fingered her pussy as we drove and her breathless sighs showed how much she enjoyed it.

On arriving home, they rushed through the door and up the stairs as they kissed and stripped, leaving a trail of clothes along the way. As they reached our bedroom door he dropped her panties and she unzipped his jeans and released his massive toolhis swollen cockhead dripped precum as she stroked it. Pushing her through the bedroom door, he told me to wait outside.this wasn’t rightI was supposed to watch !! I tried to enter the bedroom and Miranda shouted.’stay outside’.I just stood there, all I could do was listen as this black man began to fuck my wife. I heard the bed creak as he threw her on it, then I heard Miranda wail ‘oh fuck YES’ as he pushed into her. For the next ten minutes I stood outside listening to the beds headboard bang against the wall with each pounding he would give herMiranda’s cries became almost pleading as she came for the first time ‘you like that’ he said, not stopping, she continued to cum. It was too much for me so I walked into the room, he grinned at me and as if to show his prowess he thrust extra hard causing Miranda to scream as again she came.

Miranda was lying underneath him and bucking up toward him as he drove his huge rock hard cock into herI couldn’t believe it, she was taking every inch of him and loving it, his unprotected penis glistened with her juices.he was supposed to have a condom onhe kissed and licked her nipples as he humped her. Miranda’s mouth was wide open as she gasped for breath between orgasms, her lipstick smudged.

His thrusts became harder and quickened and for the first time since their fucking began you could hear his breathing and grunting over Miranda’s cries and moans. Sweat was beading on his muscular back as he worked hard to drive his cock into my white wife’s pussy, it was clear he was close to cumming. As his huge balls began to slap loudly off Miranda’s ass and his thrusts increased to a frantic pace.’ Don’t cum in her’ I said, he didn’t stop. ‘Honey, we agreed’ I saidShe looked angrily at me then Miranda stopped her wild panting and moaning and took on a purposeful appearance. She turned her head to face him and softly but firmly she spoke: ‘Fill me up, Cum inside me come on.fill your little white bitch’ as she spoke she tilted her pelvis up into him. It was too much for him to take.I watched her clutch his wide shoulders to her as his face grimaced and he let out a deep loud uuuhh.His ass twitched as he began to shoot rope after rope of his thick sperm deep into Miranda’s belly. As his cockroot pulsed he continued to grind into her and for what seemed like an age load after load of his strong African seed pumped through his hard shaft into her stretched thin pink unprotected cunt.

Miranda whispered to him as he spent himself in her stroking his head and back. By the time he was finished he was obviously tired. He rolled from her, his cock flopped from her gaping open and bruised pussy. Other than the glistening juices resting on him, I could see no sperm, his load was deep within her and that was how she wanted it. As they kissed and giggled she did not move off her back and he reached down and tucked a pillow under her hips. They lay together for another half an hour or so, I was sent downstairs to fetch them a bottle of wine and when I returned to the room she was still in the same position but he was driving two long fingers up her vagina. Miranda would writhe and bite her lip with each push of his strong hand. He said he feel his seed pooling inside her and asked if she could feel him pushing it though her cervix..she didn’t reply, she just moaned. His cock began to grow again and before I knew it he rolled her onto her front and pulled her hips toward him as he mounted her. Miranda gave a warm groan as her well lubricated pussy took in this huge cock for a second time. He held her hips as his cock hammered in and out of her. He would withdraw almost to the tip of his cock each time before each hard thrust and she would yelp with each pounding until she again began to cum.her scream broken as each thrust would drive the air from her lungs. ‘Kiss me’ she whispered as she looked up at me through her matted sweaty hair.I bent down and we kissedas we kissed she continued to moan until her lover began to cum again. She grabbed my hand and both he and she groaned as he shot his load again.

She whined as he pulled his cock from her then they had a quick shower and he left us. My wife had been well serviced and we both slept well that night. She is well and truly converted to black cockHer lover shot so much sperm into her that she said she was wet for the whole of the next day. When we sat for breakfast she told me to feel her pussy as a huge glob of his semen had just run out of her. Miranda’s love of bareback fucking does mean that we are always playing a risky game until her next period, but she loves it.(secretly, I think she wants to get pregnant again) and we couldn’t be happier. The neighbors complained the next dayI bet they didn’t know they were hearing her being black bred.

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