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October 17, 2015

Setting Up Her Gang Bang – After a gang bang of her at the hot springs (clothing optional) our lives changed. Her clothes got very revealing whenever we were away from home. She never stopped talking about how much fun it was and if she knew I really wanted her to enjoy other cocks, she would have been doing it years ago.

I brought home big vibrators to use on her while I lick her ass and clit with her having tremendous orgasms. I know what she was thinking too during those. Soon she told me they were nice but she wanted another cock in there while I did that.

Soon we were back in Colorado on a cock hunt, oh I still like to look at the ladies but her openly checking out crotches and bulges of guys definitely got me hard and excited. Soon we found a tavern with a dance floor and many young attractive guys with respectable bulges. Almost instantly she was out on the dance floor and soon several guys were sharing her dances with me and some came over to our table.

One of the guys asked me if I was ok as the black guy she dancing with was rubbing his hardening cock all over her as they danced. I stood up revealing my excitement his eyes got wide and a grin crossed his face and he jumped up to the dance floor and grabbed my wife from behind sandwiching her between the 2 of them. The black guy started to complain and he said something to him and pointed at me. They all 3 looked at me as they grinded to the music.

Now all bets were off and she was getting totally felt up. Soon she was back at the table saying she needed a break and asked me if I told them that I like to watch and join in and I told her not in so many words and stood up showing her how excited I was.

She smiled, took off her panties and started stroking cocks through their pants. Soon the bartender was complaining but a couple of tugs on his cock from her and the party kept on. As she danced now her ass was constantly exposed and she was never without at least 2 hard cocks and 4 hands all over her. Other guys seemed to radiate to us and others stared or left.

Next she was riding up and down on a cock right at the table while I climbed under to lick her clitty. No one could mistake her orgasm. We left soon after for a motel with a gang bang in tow. I buried my tongue in her ass as she got fucked, I cleaned her cum from a nut pie several times as we all took our turns with her. Her eyes glazed over and a smile came over her as orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

I stuck my dick in her ass as they took turns cumming in her honey pot. They sandwiched her, came in her mouth and wherever she wanted it. It lasted all night and into the afternoon with us taking a late check out. I came 8 times and I know she couldn’t even cum close to counting how many orgasms she had.

She was so hot getting plowed with a big black cock and telling me how much she loved me and thanking me for letting her enjoy other cocks and I kept telling her no thank her cause I was enjoying myself immensely. We left sore and happy and I managed to take this photo of her riding some black dick for you to see. So watch for a beautiful MILF with revealing clothes on, dancing with many guys while her hubby smiles. It could be us.

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