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November 25, 2015

My Cuckolding Wife – My wife has gotten pretty wild I’d say since we started this whole lifestyle of cuckolding. So many memories we could literally write for days and not have them all down. Most recently though my wife and I were out at a bar with some friends. She had taken her wedding ring in for cleaning, so she wasn’t wearing one (this always turns me on). We had been dancing and drinking, but around midnight everyone decided to call it quits. My wife had been getting lots of attention from some local young cowboys. They didn’t realize she was married as her ring was off.

As we were getting in the car, I realized I had better go back into the batroom before the trek home. She went back in with me. The young cowboys quickly surrounded her and continued their talking with her. I took an extra long time in the bathroom to see if anything would happen with her. When I came out, she wasn’t around. I was getting horny real fast thinking what might be happening. I ordered a beer and sat at the bar. About 15 minutes went by when she came back in, with a couple of the cowboys. She said she had been having a chat outside, wating for me. The cowboys were standing there, but couldn’t hear us over the music. I asked her who her friends were and she said they were infatuated with her. My wife is early 40’s but still hot as you can see from her pics and she was very happy she could still turn the heads of young men.

I told her I was having a beer and wasn’t ready to leave. She wanted to go. I ordered us some Kamikazi’s and said I’m not leaving until she does these boys. She saw the look in my eyes and the lump in my pants. She said ‘maybe’ with a smirk, but drank the drink. She talked some more with the young cowboys and I could see they were definitely trying to pursuade her to do something. She was laughing and taking sips of their beers.

She turned back to me, leaning on the bar and said to order her a beer. When it came, she took it and said she was going outside for another chat. All four of the cowboys followed. When they had gone outside, I positioned myself so I could look outside. I saw them in front with others. They were all talking and standing real close to her. She continued to drink her beer. By now it was about 1:00am. When she finished it, I saw her look back toward the inside (but you cannot see in the windows, only out), agree to something and then all of them walked away from the front of the bar. My blood was racing and my head was getting light from thinking what might be happening.

I waited about 30 seconds and then went out front. No sign of them. I slowly walked up the old street. This town was very small and no street light to speak of. About half way up the block was an open grass area where cars and trucks were parked. There were a few port-a-potties. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness before I looked around the corner, into the parking area. I was listening intently to hear if they were back there.

When I looked around the corner, I didn’t see anyone, so I carefully walked in, crouching and listening. I heard something. I looked under the cars and saw their shoes. I worked my way closer and hear better. Looking again under the cars I now saw 2 sets of jeans down around ankles with my wife’s BARE legs. The dress she had been wearing was in a pile on the ground. I could hear the boys talking softly and a hint of her slurpping, sucking sounds. I love this stuff. I needed to see it.

I crawled in between the cars to the portable toilets. All 4 of the cowboys were oblivious to anything but my wife. She couldn’t see anything but them around her. I made it the toilets and was able to stand, in the shadows. What a view! Here was my lovely wife, naked, bent over sucking one of the young cowboys while another was behind her with his cock sliding in and out. The other 2 had their dicks in their hands, hard and waiting their turn. All 4 were massaging her big tits and tweeking her hard nipples.

When the one in her mouth started to cum, she took it out and kept stroking it as he came in her face and hair. The one fucking her seemed to grab her hips harder and pumped more forcefully. She was stroking one of the other cowboys and I could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh from the one behind her. She stayed bent over, tits swaying all over the place as #2 came in her, pumping and pumping. When he finished she stood upright and looked great. Out in public, naked with 4 boys old enough to know what to do and cum in her hair, on her face and leaking out of her pussy.

She wiped off her face and took a drink of beer and laughed and talked to them. The boys were playing with her tits and pussy. This got her going again. The other 2 were already hard. She bent over and starting sucking on #3 while #4 quickly moved behind her and easily sunk up to his waist inside of her. It didn’t take long for them to come. This time #4 came inside her first and stayed there as she sucked #3. When he started to cum, she pulled it out and let him cum on her face, also.

Now that she had made them all cum, I knew I had better get back to the bar. When I got back it was about 1:30. I sat at the bar and ordered another beer. Shortly there after, all 4 came walking back in. My wife’s dress was a mess. Her hair was mussed and matted. She walked a little wobblely, passed me with a drunk glaze look and went directly to the bathroom. The cowboys still didn’t realize I was her husband. They stood close to me and ordered another round for themselves. I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. They couldn’t believe their luck, they thought my wife’s 40’s body, tits, pussy and looks were great.

When she came out she had to pass them first. They stopped her and talked to her, offered her drinks and thanked her. She sat at the bar next to me and said she was ready to go. I wasn’t quite yet. As I was finishing my beer, the lights came up for last call. Now the bartender and some of the other men at the bar could see the state she was in. The young cowboys left. My wife looked hot. The bartender brought her a beer (on the house) and said she looked like she could use it. She laughed and thanked him. As we sat there finishing our beers, with the bar lights on, you could really see she had been up to something. She didn’t realize it, but she has put her dress on inside-out. All the seams were showing. Also, there was straw/grass on her dress from when it had been piled on the ground. Lastly, her long hair was matted from when the cum had landed and these young boys obviously had a lot and shot it far. As people, mostly men, were leaving the bar they looked at her and wondered what had happened.

I was able to slide 2 fingers into her while she was sitting at the bar. I got a hand full of slime. The bartender tried to get some of the action, but we finished our beers and went home.

We had great sex when we got home. She had told me all about it on the way home. They were so young, 19-21, that she was smitten with their attention. With their (my persistance) and the alcohol, she thought it would be safe and a lot of fun for a quickie out in a semi-public place.

She continues to amaze me. I love her dearly and I realize that she loves me. This is only sex and only for fun. I hope you like our escapades. Please tell us your’s.





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