Wife Goes Black – Cuckold

November 19, 2015

Request from My Bull – I’m writing this because my bull wanted to hear our story from my point of view and I’m not always real good at expressing myself. So this is as much to him as to anyone else.

I’m not sure where to start this but I guess I’ll begin with why I was looking for a bull after several years of being out of the lifestyle. Yes-hubby is my cuckold. He could never satisfy me sexually-I turned him on so much he usually came almost at the site of me. I needed man that could satisfy me and he knew it-so I decided to cuckold him. We spent few years with me having the men I wanted and him serving us. I had one main bull. He is large – too large. He would satisfy me and cucky would serve us. It was good. But he never really reached the point where he dominated cucky fully as he was a little too nice. Eventually, he met the love of his life and got married. We stopped our relationship at that point and remained good friends but no longer with benefits. That was over 3 years ago.

During the next couple years, the vibrator was my only satisfaction. I finally told cucky I was going to find someone who could satisfy me and help me train him further. I just wasn’t comfortable as I should have been with him being my bitch – I needed to get comfortable with training him fully to do as I wished him to do and not feel guilty about it. After all, that’s what he was good for-to do my bidding. He knew he would never satisfy me sexually with his “quick cum”.

I told him to sign me up on a couple sites and tell everyone he was my cuckold. After a few months of chatting with people who didn’t understand what it was all about-I finally met “My Ni**er Bull” as he likes me to call him. He talked online like he knew what we needed. But he was black – I had never thought of going BLACK even though that is what many cuckold situations are. Anyway-this was a man that was talking the language I wanted to hear. He would help me to be comfortable fully bitching out my husband.

We arranged to meet – I was afraid to “meet him” without first meeting him. I was very nervous as I waited to see him at the Burger King parking lot. Then I saw him approaching from where he had parked at the gas station next door. “OMG”- he looked like what I needed. We talked awhile – I wanted to grab his crotch right there and kiss him!!! How I wish I could have taken him to our camper right there. But the situation wasn’t right. We would have to wait.

We arranged our first meeting. I liked how he dictated where and when it would be and told cucky to make the arrangement and pay for the room – he was looking better by the moment. I told cucky he better obey or else.

We arrived at the motel – I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. And there he was – before we were even off the motorcycle. It took only moments to go into the motel room – and only a few more moments before he made cucky strip and my clothes were on the floor next to his. Bull’s clothes came off almost as fast. “Fold up her and my clothes” he commanded cucky. Wow!! I thought. His hard cock was standing erect before me. My eyes lit up, “His cock was perfect!!. Big and full with a lovely mushroom head but not overwhelming.” I reached for it — I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and it inside me. He was everything I had been hoping for.

He slowed me down. “Bend over, bitch” he told cucky. Cucky had shaved his ass as previously commanded. “How do you punish him?” I showed him how I would slap his balls. He showed me how to thump his balls. “Wow, he is really going to help me fully bitch him out.” as I smiled when Bull thumped him several times. “About time someone put him in his place with no hesitation.” He told cucky to go sit on the chair and turned his full attention to me.

I couldn’t wait to suck that cock and his balls. I loved his balls-tight and swollen. I really wanted to feel him inside me. Soon he rolled me over and his hard cock was against my wet pussy. “Put it in” , I was thinking. I was so ready to feel him inside me. “Cucky, put a real man in her.” he commanded. I was soon lost in the ecstasy of the feeling of his hard throbbing cock penetrating my willing pussy. He could have continued forever-I’d never been fucked like this before.

I don’t know how many times I came-I know it was over and over. “How many times have you cum?” Tell cucky.” I told him “5 times.” thinking “you can’t even make me cum once, you sorry bitch.” . It felt good to tell him what a real man can do for me. This is what I wanted my Bull to get me comfortable with-letting cucky know what an inadequate lover he was.

I was so turned on, I don’t remember many details from there. But when he was ready, Bull had me go doggy style. I could feel him throbbing inside me as I was on my knees. His cock vibrated even when he wasn’t cumming. My nipples rubbed the sheets-I couldn’t hold back. I came several more times before he unloaded into me. I wanted all of it as I thrust my hips back against him-I wanted it deep inside me. My knees barely held me as he finished. “Clean this up, bitch” I heard him say as a smile crossed my lips. It was time cucky cleaned me from a real man fucking me. I wanted to say, “lick it out, bitch. See how a real man fills me.” but I laid quiet and let him lick me out knowing for the first time in a several years a real man had fucked me right.”

We continued to fuck. I was hoping to go on all night. He was sooo good. No white boy had fucked me like this before. I knew I had to see him again and again if he wanted it. None of my other lovers came close to what he had made me feel. And cucky-he might as well tuck his under and serve us. And Bull-no other lover ever sent me into the passion he did that first time together.

He had to leave early that night. He said the next time had to be longer-oh, did I agree with that. I could have fucked him all night. After he left, I stayed so wet and horny the rest of the night, cucky could barely keep the motorcycle in the lane on the way home and I knew my pussy would be my “Daddy Bull’s”, as he likes to call himself, for as long as he wanted it.

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