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October 1, 2015

Clubs and Bars for Her – Well, she told me she’s going out with her girl friend Saturday night. And her intent is to get fucked. I’m still not sure how to feel about this. Let me start by telling you we have been married for about a year and a half. We have talked about many fantasies and she knows I have some bi tendencies. About 3 months after we got married we were at a local pub and my wife was feeling no pain. She told me that a mutual friend looked “hot”. I said “Well go talk to him, see if he’s interested.” She didn’t expect that.


I didn’t expect to say that. But she said “Ok”. I got both a sinking feeling and very horny at the same time. I watched them talk out of the corner of my eye for about 30 min. Then she came back to where I was. I asked how it went and she replied “I think he wants me.” I smiled but didn’t pursue it further, leaving it to the realm of fantasy. It was getting late so we decided to head out, and in my very horny state of mind, I was hoping to head home so we could fuck like rabbits. As we started for home she got a call. I said “Who is it?” Turns out it was him.


She had given him her number and he was calling for a hook up! They talked for a bit then she hung up. I said “So???” She said “Can I go?”. I said sure. And I drove her to his house. Told her to call me when she was ready to be picked up and I left. I got to our house and was going nuts. I was horny as hell but kept thinking what have I got myself into. I had been interested in a threesome with her and another guy but not this. About 2 hours went by and I couldn’t take it anymore. I called her cell and got no answer. I waited 5 min and called again. Still nothing. So I sent a text message saying I was on my way to get her. I got nothing back so I left.


I got to his house and knocked, waited and knocked again. And again. Finally after what seemed like an hour but was more like 5 min she came out. She was all worried I was mad at her. I told her no but was worried when I didn’t get a response to my phone calls and text messages. It was early in the morning and she was very tired so we went home and went to sleep. The next day we talked about what happened. He took her to his room and fucked her twice. She loves to give head and he was thrilled as his ex-wife would never do that. She enjoyed it and I had to admit I did too. Even the not knowing what was happening was intriguing. For the next week or two we went at it every day. She would talk about what they did together and it would drive me nuts with lust.


After a while nothing more was said and we went back to our normal ways. I had expected her to be like a kid in a candy store and be going after this guy or someone else. But nothing. After about 4 months while hanging out at our normal watering whole I local guy we met through friends decided to tell us he was a swinger and wanted to know if we wanted a threesome with him. This is more what I originally wanted and my wife thought he was cute and was all for it. So we headed to our house and had some fun. After this experience we talked again and said we both enjoyed it.


I said we will have to do it again. But then nothing. Almost like she was embarrassed or felt it was wrong, even though I said it was ok. Another couple months went by then she comes home and tells me she got a text from the first guy. He was looking for a booty call. I said “Do you want to fuck him again?” and she said yes. So they made a date and she went over his house. This time I didn’t panic and just waited for her to come home. Of course I was hard as a rock thinking about what they were doing. And couldn’t wait for her to get home so I could fuck her. And when she did, I did.


It was great! But I still wasn’t fully sold on this “her alone while I wait” thing. It had its good points and bad. But again after a couple weeks things settled down and she didn’t seem interested in pursuing anything further. When I brought up things in the bedroom she would just say “Stop bringing that up. Just fuck me.” So I stopped bringing it up. Its been about 9 months since that last encounter. Now were up to last week. We were out at the bar and a guy we both have known a while was there. She never showed any interest in him, not even that night. But when the bar closed she asked if we could go to an after party with her girlfriend and a few other people we know.


I said I was tired and had to get up for work in 5 hours. So she asked if she could go without me. I said ok but in the back of my mind I was wondering what she was thinking. A few hours later she came home all giddy. I asked “How was the after party.” And she said “Lame, but I think Joe wants to fuck me.” I said “Oh, how do you know?” And she said “Because when I was sitting on his lap he told me so.” Now unlike the first guy Joe is someone we see often. And I wasn’t too sure I wanted this. But talking about it made us both horny and I didn’t get much more sleep that night.


Two days later my wife texts me from her work to tell me Joe stopped in. He said “Wow that was a crazy night!” and She embarrassingly said “Yea, it was. I was a bit drunk.” He then said “I’m going out Saturday night to the same bar if you want to join me?” Now, as you can tell, there was no mention of me in this invite. She said maybe and he left. I said what are you going to do. She coyly said “I don’t know.” Well it’s Thursday and she has informed me her and her girlfriend are going out Saturday. I said “Oh, am I not invited” and she said “Nope. I’m going to get fucked and I think it would be easer if you weren’t there”. Now I’m all butterflies again. Part of me wants this and part doesn’t. I’m worried about losing her but she has told me on many occasions I’m the only one for her. If I told her not to do it she wouldn’t. I’m so confused. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

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