Wife Has Sex with a College Guy – Cuckold

September 27, 2015

Cuckolding and Our Beginnings – This is about cuckolding. We are a cuckold couple and not interested in humiliation (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I had a long standing fantasy to see my wife Rachelle with another guy. When we had met, she had another boyfriend and was sleeping with both of us for awhile before she left him. It tore me up, but I guess it kind of excited me, too.

Our first baby steps came when she put on a live webcam show for a young college kid. They talked on the phone while she masturbated for him on camera over the internet. It was exhilirating watching another guy looking at her pussy for the first time, even if it was on a crappy little webcam.

This encounter only wetted my appetite for me.

It took years of pillow talk but I finally got around to admitting to Rachelle that I wanted to actually see her fuck another guy. She didn’t seem all that intrested but agreed she would try it if the opportunity came up.

I continued gently pressing the idea of another guy on Rachelle over the next year. Finally, she agreed to try. But she didnt’ want it to be anyone we knew.

We decided to go the perfect stranger route. We took out an ad online. We were flooded with responses from horny guys. Most were not really serious about getting together with a couple, however, and were really just looking for a quick route to no-strings sex.

Rachelle met for coffee with several guys and we eventually narrowed down the field to a university student who seemed to have the right attitude. Gerry was tall, athletic, eager and really wanted to be with an older woman, as opposed to just wanting a quick lay.

We invited him over one night and stashed the kids with a babysitter. We sat in the living room drinking wine and smoking a bit of pot. After about half an hour, we decided to dispense with the small talk (there’s only so much you can say to a 21 year old) and get down to action.

Gerry and Rachelle began making out while I watched. After about ten minutes of deep kissing and rubbing, we went up to our bedroom. I sat in a chair next to the bed while they stripped. She pushed him back on the bed and began sucking his cock. Although she was never really into huge dicks, it turned out that he was quite large and extremely thick, particularly at the base. They flipped positions and she lay back on the bed while he thrust into her mouth.

Once she got him hard, she straddled him and lowered herself onto his dick for the first time. I started snapping pictures with the digital camera and moved around to the other side of the bed to get a better view. . I also turned on the video camera I had set up earlier.

The sight was remarkable. My wife’s pussy was stretched to the hilt as his organ slammed up into her, over and over. I noticed that the guy hadn’t even bothered to remove her bra (or his socks!), so I came over and unfastened it and reached around to palm her ample breasts. She straightened up into a squat and began humping up on down on his cock, bringing herself close to orgasm, while I rubbed her tits from behind.

She pulled herself off and lay on her back while he went down on her. His technique wasn’t very refined and he was a bit rough, but he still managed to bring her to her first orgasm while I massaged and sucked on her tits.

He was ready to go again and after a bit of sucking was hard. She lay on her back and he pulled her right leg onto his shoulder and began pounding into her. I told them I’d like to see him take her doggy style. Her face was flushed with exertion. She got on all fours and he pushed his organ into her pussy from behind and grabbed her hips, pulling her onto him with every thrust.

Soon, she was laying with her face on the bed and ass in the air, doubled over as he slammed into her. I could hear his balls slap against her clit.”How does it feel?” she panted. He told her he was tighter than his girlfriend.

We took a break to smoke another joint. After, Gerry lay back on the bed while she sucked him and I fucked her from behind for a few minutes. Her pussy was a bit raw and he had definitely stretched her out a bit.

What happened after that is is a bit blurry…

At one point, she lay on her back and masturbated while he kneeled next to her head and literally fed his soft cock into her mouth. He stiffened quickly and began thrusting into her face. Her cheeks bulged as the organ slid in and out. A most erotic sight.

Soon after, he pushed her back on the bed and began fucking her missionary style, with her legs in the air and arms wrapped about his back. Here she really began to feel his size and came after a few minutes of hard pounding.

The sounds she made as she came were quite amazing. I had never heard her respond that way before. He deposited a big load of come into her. Unfortunately, I was too new to this sort of thing to remember to take a picture of his come leaking out of her.

She said to him, “Proud of yourself?” sort of sarcastically. He was.

They rested for a moment, then he sat next to me on the bed and as she sucked me to a quick orgasm and he watched intently.

We had been at it for about 2 hours and that was enough for us. He left soon after. He went traveling soon after and we were never able to connect again. Still, we were left with an amazing memory of the encounter.

Since that first encounter, she has fucked about 10 other guys in front of me.

Anyway, I’ll post a pictures with this story too. I don’t want to post the pics of them two together since I forgot to ask him if it was ok. But my hot wife should be just fine. Take a look!



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