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December 3, 2015

Wife Drinks Cum – Great blog. Awesome for us cuckolds to have a place like this. My wife and I have a couple of adventures to share actually: Adventure 1 – I love it when my slut wife goes out with her friends to look for young cock. I especially encourage her to look for black cock. She comes back and tells me all about it and we fuck like crazy. She has an insatiable appetite for cum and can drink all that is given. I encourage her to suck as many as she can in one night.

One night after telling her long distance to get her ass out and find some cock because I was out of town she called me the next day and told me she ended up with 3 black guys at an apartment of a friends. She was wearing a sexy mini skirt and looking like a hot ass slut wife. Well at the club where they were there were a couple of black guys that were checking her out. She was drinking shots and was up for anything. She invited them back to her friends where the 2 guys kept commenting her on how hot and sexy she was. Of course she was going to thank them for their compliments. She took them in the bedroom while the other partiers were outside and got down to business. She said they started out by sucking her pussy while one of them fed her his black cock. She says most of them eat her pussy good to prep it for the main event. She really enjoys that.

After properly warming her up one then started fucking her doggie style while she continued to work that other cock with her mouth. They changed positions time to time to enjoy all her talents. After she drank all the cum she could get from their balls they called a friend of theirs and he came and she sucked and fucked him too. All the time the others were outside and knew she was being treated to all the black meat she was looking for.

She was really horny telling me the story and wanted it again. She keeps a ration of about 1:8 black guys to white as there are not many around where we are. I encourage her to always be on the look out for the black meat first but don’t mind as long as she gets some cock.

I remember the first time she sucked off a black guy how she came home so proud and told me she sucked this guy off in the parking lot near the club. She started kissing me and telling me that she sucked this man off and I didn’t believe her. She insisted and was so horny.

Adventure 2 – When we are in her home town I encourage her to go out with her slut friends looking for action. She goes to the clubs, beach wherever she might find younger guys. The last time she spent 3 or 4 months there and hooked up with a younger white guy she remembered from the gym years ago. She thought he might have some stamina and a lot of cum. I was away working and was telling her to go get her ass out.

Well the first night out seeing him she was not dissapointed. Once she told him she wanted to drink all his cum he got really hard and then started to understand what she wanted. She said he fucked her 3 different times and each time she finished him off by getting his cum which she was working for. She said he cums so much it is almost like drinking from a glass.

When I returned from work a month or so later she was still seeing him but only late at night for sex. He would call her up late in the night or morning and ask if he could pick her up. She is almost always willing. One night he picked her up from another guys apartment where she finished sucking that guy before she said her husband was picking her up. She then went with her friend and got her treat a couple times.

She always then comes home and always wants to fuck and kiss me telling me how she got fucked and how much cum she drank. She is always in the mood to drink cum.

Adventure 3 – The wife went out last weekend to a girlfriend’s birthday party. She ended up at a house party and some guy with his girlfriend was hitting on her. The girlfriend really wasn’t into the whole scene. The guy ended up taking my wife out into the garden and playing around with her acting like he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. She asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to do anything all the time while he was playing with her pussy, ass and tits. Of course whe was playing with his cock. He of course was saying one thing meaning another. While his friends were looking for him she pulled his cock out and sucked him off. She said it didn’t take very long before she managed to finish.

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