Wife Made me a Happy Cuckold

August 30, 2015

Happy Cuckold – My wife, Alexandra, has made me a happy cuckold for many years. You may have read our earlier post about her arranging her own bareback orgies with strangers she finds online. She calls these “cock-worshipping” sessions, because she is just obsessed with the penis. She likes big ones; fat ones; ones with bulbous heads; lots of veins; cut; uncut; hairy; shaved – whatever! She just loves to slobber all over a rock hard cock – and the more the better!

We both get off when I just watch. Sometimes she teases me, saying things like, “Oh my God, honey! I’m about to cum on this guy’s hard cock and you’re just sitting there doing nothing! Aren’t you going to stop him?” (She knows I would never interrupt because the whole scene makes me too horny). And sometimes she just gets lost in her own orgasms and totally forgets I’m in the room at all. Both situations are hot.

On this particular occasion, we rented a hotel room in our home town and invited 4 studs she met online. Only 2 showed up (I can’t help but think of the poor schmucks that decided not to come). Before they arrived, Alexandra spent hours primping and preening. As always, she made me buy her some sexy new lingerie to show off for her guests. And she also gave herself an enema to make sure she would be fresh, because this night she said she wanted a lot of double penetration.

We both had a lot to drink that afternoon while she was getting ready, so when the first knocks came at the hotel room door, she was ready to get right to it. The 2 guys showed up at roughly the same time. They came in rubbing their dicks through their pants. Alexandra gave them a brief little strip tease show, but within a couple minutes, the guys had their hands all over her. I gave one of them a bottle of massage oil and they both started coating her chocolate skin until it glistened. They pressed her between their two bodies like a sandwich.

She got down between them and pulled their hard cocks out to suck, going back and forth from one to the other. One guy was pretty normal-sized, but the other had an impressively big penis. Naturally she focused on him. I got out my camera and snapped a few pictures to remember the moment.

It didn’t take much dick-sucking before the 2 guys had her on the bed passing her back and forth, fucking her pussy and mouth at the same time. But when she begged for it in her ass, the real action started. In the beginning, her face was all twisted up from the pain of the first hard penis stretching out her tight little asshole, but once it loosened up, she started screwing like a true whore, riding one guy with his cock in her soaking pussy while the other buttfucked her aggressively. She moaned and came on their cocks, I don’t remember how many times. Them, too. They were like a sweaty ball of flesh.

Both guys ended the evening by cumming one last time in her pretty face. She is beautiful anyway, but when she looks at me with that smile of total satisfaction, and those strangers’ hot, sticky loads dripping from her chin, I always loose it and have to jack off.

As the guys got dressed to leave, they thanked her profusely. She said no problem and through her arms around me, planting a big, cum-soaked French kiss on my open mouth. Then she said she had one orgasm left in her, and begged me to suck her clit. Her pussy wreaked of that manly crotch smell and semen, but listening to her moaning as I sucked was worth it. Besides, she knows I like it when she grabs the back of my head and rubs my face in her sticky vagina while she teases me some more about being such a shameless cuck, letting all these men have their way with her.

As we lay there in each other’s arms, she mentioned she probably shouldn’t have fucked them both without condoms (like she always does), but said she just couldn’t resist the feeling of their skin against her pussy walls, and hoped I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t….

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