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December 16, 2015

Sissy Sub Cuckold – Its been a little while since I last wrote in, but I figured it was time to share the next big event in my deep dive into the submissive cuckold life. I know our lifestyle isn’t for everyone and not the standard story that I see on here, but I’m sure there are others out there like me.

My last post covered how my wonderful wife cucked me as her totally unexpected Christmas gift and put me in my place, a place I never dreamed I would ever be! Well, long story short, she wasn’t kidding, it was complete submersion while at home. I was made to wear panties 24/7 and lingerie when home. She would fuck her bf several times a week, usually at our place where they would humiliate me and have me clean them and fluff him, etc. This was in addition to the house work and serving them drinks and foods.

For the superbowl my loving wife purchased a cheerleading outfit that she gave me the morning of the game and told me I had to wear it and provide some cheers which I needed to come up with before the game started…. I was incredibly humiliated and red faced. As anyone that knows me, they know I am not outgoing like that and it was sheer torture. To make it worse, I had to swallow a load for him at half time once I finished my chear and still in costume. Anyway, that is the way life went on, now onto the time I want to share with everyone.

Shortly after the superbowl my wife took a rare night off from her bf. Usually on those nights I must eat her out or she picks some way to continue to humiliate me. This night I was in a babydoll, stockings, and 2″ heels. She bent me over a padded bench and tied me to it, leaving me there for probably 10 minutes while she got a drink and left the room for a little bit. She came back naked, except for a brand new strapon that she was wearing. It was a healthy 7″ long, bright pink, and on the average thickness side. Needless to say, I was surprised. She walked over with a shit eating grin on her face and told me it was time for me to show her how good I am at sucking a cock. I worked on the cock for a good 10 minutes and could smell her wetness and could tell she was excited, even if it wasn’t really her I was working on.

When she had had enough, she told me it was time for me to take my next step into being the sissy slut that I am. I looked up at her instantly with pleading eyes, guessing what she was planning on, but praying it was not. I knew better than to object. She got behind me, lubed up the strapon, then pushed it all the way in slow and deep. It was the first time something had gone in that way and it was very filling, but thankfully wasn’t too big that it really hurt. She waited for me to adjust, commented on the fact that I was rock hard, so I must really love taking a cock, squeezed my nuts a little more than needed to give me something else to think about, then she started sliding in and out. She took her time, changed rythems, speeds, power.

I still wasn’t sold, but I was so hard and could tell the worst thing was going to happen. She made me cum just from being fucked, never having my cock touched! As I unloaded she scratched her nails down my back… it was incredible. She slowed up, stopped, and pulled out. I was spent, but still tied up. She told me I did a great job and that this would stay our little secret and she wouldn’t tell her bf or do it in front of him. I was greatful and thanked her. She untied me and told me to lick up the mess I had made and I did as required.

Well that started a ritual of once or twice a week when she didn’t get together with her bf or before she went out to see him that she would fuck my ass then spread her legs and tell me to get her off (can only use hands, mouth, and toys to do that) when she was done. After a couple of weeks, she got a larger black strapon that was about 8″ long and thicker. She started asking me if I liked taking black cock, if its true that you never go back, stuff like that. She made me a little nervous, but it was also humiliating and such a turn on in its own way. With lube, I could take it well.

So, she started this stage in my training in early Feb and then come tax time, she told me that she had told her bf that she wanted to spend the night with me. I thought we might be taking a weekend off from being her sub slut. I was wrong. I got home from work a little early on the Friday and found a wrapped gift on the table for me. It just said open me. I opened it up and found a new lingerie outfit for me and a note that told me to shower and get dressed before she got home. I did as I was told, taking off my cloths and lace thong, showering and got dressed. The outfit included a white corrset, white lace g-string, garters, stockings, and 3″ heels. I could handle that size heels, but still was learning. I then went about doing the chores I need to normally do until she got home. She told me I looked great and was to get her a glass of wine while she unwound. I did and then ate her out while she relaxed… she was wet from the start. After I had made her cum twice she told me it was time for me to enjoy a good fucking.

Again, she tied me to the bench (which she didn’t do that often) and had me suck the black strapon before she started to fuck me. She took her time and was doing me for probably 15 min, keeping me from getting too close to cum, then the front door opened to my horror and her bf walked in! I was shocked, and absolutely humiliated. She promised he wouldn’t know and then she didn’t even lock the door when she was doing me and now he know… yet, I was still hard as ever. He shut the door, stripped, and came over with a smile on his face. He stuck his growing, thick cock in my face and I knew I had to suck him, so I did. For the first time, I was being fucked from both ends! My wife went another 5 min, slowly until he was good and hard and then asked if he wanted to switch spots. My eyes bulged, but I was tied and couldn’t do anything. He lubed up, lined up, and slid on in. He was bigger than the strapon and moaned with contentment of my tightness. He held for a minute and told my wife she chose the outfit well. It did look like I was on my own honeymoon tonight and losing my virginity, just like she did the day she cucked me and took him for the first time. As he started to fuck me, my wife took out a good size dildo and told me to suck it and then took her time explaining that he knew all along and they had planned how to get me ready for him. She choose the toy size to keep it smaller than him, but big enough that he could enjoy himself from the start.

I came pretty darn fast, but didn’t soften, just stayed hard with a real cock in my ass for the first time and a dildo in the front before she had me eat her soaking pussy again. He lasted probably 20 min and used my ass good. I actually came a second time before he finished. When they were done, I was untied, licked up my mess, and then served them in my outfit for the rest of the night while they fucked and played. Let me tell you girls… I don’t know how u can have your ass used that much and still walk around in 3″ heels! Man that was hard to handle.

Well, that retelling was a little long, but was, I guess, the next big milestone in my being the sissy sub I am today. I hope you enjoyed it and I will try to write again if I hear about enough interest.

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