Wife Sleeps with Husband’s Brother – Cuckold

October 6, 2015

Bringing My Brother to Fuck My Wife – Ok so my name is Shawn and me and my wife and I have been married just over a year now. She always liked me and my Brother always liked her. Well needless to say I ended up getting with her for a while and about 5 years ago the whole relationship my brother hated both of us. Then we broke up for about a year and this last time we got back together.

My bro asked her if she would have ever had sex with him while me and her were broke up. She said yes. So for about 2 years into our new relationship her and my brother were sitting there and they were talking about stuff and he hadn’t been laid in about 3 weeks so he asked me if they could do something. I said i didn’t know but seeing as we were open about our relationship I said yes. They got to kissing on each other and bam our mom came over… Game Over.

So now skip ahead about 2 years and we are at about 8 months ago. Me and my wife had been together for about 6 months and we had been planning a 3 some with another woman. So I decided to let her have a little fun and bam we are in the bedroom all 3 of us naked and my brother licking his lips to finally get inside the girl he has wanted to be with for about 6 years.

It started with both of us taking a shot at each tit until she was wet and then she started sucking on me while he touched her ass. Me and him were talking about his GF and how she was no good at sucking and that my wife was great and if he asked that she would probably show him… she says “he doesn’t ever have to ask” and bam then she was sucking him. This made me really hard lol. After that basically he got her in doggy and I got a bj and he went until he came (no kissing from them nothing like that this time cuz my wife was nervous).

The second time was about 3 days later my wife had said it was only gonna be a one time thing but I am working a graveyard and get this call about 2 hours before my shift ends ” don’t come home unless you bring your brother with you” so of course me being a good hubby I brought him home with me.

The second he walked through the door she came out of the shower and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a huge kiss. Then she dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. (the whole time i am getting naked) so she sucks him until he is hard then motions for me also. She sits there and goes back and forward for about 5 mins then gets on all 4s and tells me to get under her. I oblige and bam she tells him to get in her too. She says it was the greatest feeling ever to have 2 cocks inside her at once and I have to say it wasn’t bad. so after about 4 mins she came so hard that both of use fell out and then it was time for 1 in each so he got her ass and I took her pussy. We both came inside her and ever since haven’t been able to have him over without him cuming in her pussy. I am going to try to get her to take pics with 2 cocks and if I can get her to do it I will post them. For now you can see one of her in the car and one of her sucking my brother’s dick.

Now the real fun happened a week ago. He came over to hang out and my wife ended up taking a shower. while in the shower she asked my brother to come in and help her with her back. She made sure to leave the door open so I could see her as she dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. So here I am at the computer looking into the bathroom at my wife sucking my brother’s dick and I see him kinda clench up… [now my wife has taken 2 shots in the mouth the entire time we have been together and only 1 time did she swallow it] and I watch her make sure to swallow every little drop. Seeing that of course made me pop all over myself and so she laughed at me agian.

Later that night we all went into the bedroom and she got down on her knees again and told me to get the camera for a couple pictures since it was going to be the last time we ever did anything like this for a very long while. So I got a couple pictures and he got his and I got mine and it was done… Enjoy




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