Wife Takes Anal from Another Man – Cuckold

August 25, 2015

She Had Several orgasms – My wife and I have been married for 14 years and I started sharing her about 6 years ago. I also had talked her in to taking up an offer of her x boss (John) to go out one evening. She said he was looking to have sex with her and I begged her to do it just that she had to tell me all about it. After she fucked him a few times he started talking really nasty to her and she found out it really turned her on.

We started to play a little game, when we had sex she would handcuff me to a chair and tease me as she would play with herself and with me a little. She would talk to me about other guys fucking her in front of me.

Last Saturday my wife said she had a surprise for me. She took me up to our bedroom and said she wants to have sex before we left for dinner. She tied me to the chair and started talking to me about guys doing her. She removed my pants and sucked me until I was hard and almost ready to cum she knew when to stop. Then she said do you remember how I told you about John treating me so nasty and that I loved it and how you wanted to watch me with him. I told her yes and she said well he is taking me out tonight and you are staying home. Then she got up and finished getting dressed. I thought she would let me go when she was done getting dressed. when she was ready she came over and sucked me a little more then kissed me and said I will see you later. She turned on the TV with a porno playing and told me to enjoy the evening and left.

About 4 hours passed and I heard her come back in the house. She came into the bedroom and asked me how I was. I was really mad and she said if I didn’t calm down I wouldn’t get my surprise. She sucked me some more and asked me if I was ready. Then she went out of the roomand when she came back John was with her she said Tom do you remember John. John was very good looking tall well built early 50’s with salt and peper hair. Sue said I told him that you liked to watch and he agreed to help with our little game.

John said to me you know you have one hot little wife here. I was sure glad to when she called because I miss fucking her tight little pussy. I asked for them to let me go and John got be hind me and put a tie around my mouth so I couldn’t talk. He said just shut up while I fuck her or we will leave and you won’t get to watch.

He said Sue show him your dress it had a stain on the front. Then he said tell him how you got that. Sue said John had taken her into a sex shop where they had movie booths with windows between booths She said that he was showing her off to other guys. Then a guy stuck his cock threw the wall and John had me jack it off and the guy came all over her right away.

John said yea I love your wife she is such a slut. She ever tell you how she fucked me and my buddy. While he was fucking her I fucked her ass and she loved it didn’t you Sue. She said it was the best sex she has ever had. You like having a real man don’t you especially 2 of them at the same time. By now Sue was completely naked and was undressing John he stood in front of her and told her to suck his cock. As she did he said you know she gives the best blow jobs I have ever had I really like it when she licks my balls and ass. He turned around facing me and Sue started reaming his ass.

As John faced me I saw his cock was very long. He said you wish you had a cock like this don’t you. Then he said Sue told me that you can’t satisfy her with your little cock and that you cum too fast too. That is why she went along with your little game of her fucking other guys.

Then he laid her back on the bed and started eating her pussy. Sue was really enjoying it telling him how good he was and how much she missed fucking him. After a while John got up and kissed her he turned to me and said now I am going to fuck her good while you watch my big cock pounding away a your wife. He fucked her for about 29 minutes and then said he was going to cum and he filled her pussy with cum.

He looked over at me and said she told me about the time I fucked her and you ate her afterwards. Well now you get to have a nice fresh one. Go give it to him Sue she came over and stood on the chair with her pussy over my mouth and forced it into my face, John cum was running out of her into my mouth and John told me get it nice and lean for me Tom. I like fresh pussy.

After I finished licking her clean. John told Sue you better take care of him too. Sue started jacking me off and was getting ready to suck my cock when I came as hard as I ever have in my life. John just laughed and said I guess he really doesn’t last very long I see what you mean.

John asked me if I wanted to be uncuffed, I shook my head that I did. He said okay as long as you promise to stay quiet and not cause any problems and you have to do what I say. Again I shook my head that I would. Sue took the handcuffs off and I untied the tie around my mouth. I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. When I came back into the bedroom Sue was sucking him again. He said damn woman you just can’t get enough can you. Then John told me to get something to lube her ass for me so I can fuck her tight little ass. I got out some ky and started lubing her up John said put a couple of fingers up her ass and said, “Tom get it ready for me.”

Then he said, “lay down on your stomach slut and get ready for my cock.”

“Tom, put some of that on my cock” so I did.

Then he said, “now guide my big cock into your wife’s ass.”

John slowly entered her ass and Sue was really enjoying it. This was the first time I had seen her do anal. Sue was telling him how good it felt and that she loved his cock in her ass. John said, “Sue your hubby doesn’t seem to be enjoying this as much after he lost his load.”

Sue had several orgasms before John unloaded in her ass. After he finished he said he needed to go that was all he could do in one night. He kissed her good bye shook my hand and thanked us both. He told me you are a lucky man.

After John left Sue and I talked about what happened. I said why did you leave and she said that was John’s idea he said it would add to your excitement. I asked why she went to a sex shop with him and she would never go with me. She said you seem a little jealous. I said well you are doing things with him that you never do with me going to sex shops fucking his friend and you never even told me.

She looked at me and said, “Tom I have done all of this for you, you are the one that wanted me to fuck other men. I became a slut for you not for them. Tom, I married you because I love you. With John and other men its just pure sex. I will never do anyone else if you don’t want me to.”

Then she kissed me and said she was sorry if she did anything that I didn’t want her too. But I loved every minute.




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