Wife Was Reluctant at First – Cuckold

December 4, 2015

Cuckolded at Swingers Club – I need to tell you about the weekend my wife and I just had away. I have been trying to talk my 44 year old wife into taking a lover for years and she has alway gone along with the bed time talk but the right situation had never presented. On the weekend we travelled away for a work function and had the friday night to ourselves. I researched a swinger club on the internet and did some hard selling on how much fun it would be and that if we didn’t like it we could just walk out.

Whilst she reluctanly agreed I had the feeling that she would pull out at the last minute. We got to the club at 10pm and waited to see if anyone else was going in. It was just a door with security camera and intercom. We witnessed a few couples going in and I did some last minute reassuring. She was nervious but up for the adventure. When another couple went to the door we took our chance and followed them in. We paid our entrance fee and found a seat.

There was about 10 other couples standing around having a drink mostly keeping to themselves. After a short period of time a few of the couples headed off downstairs to the spa so off we followed. We got changed into our robes and approached the SPA. There were two couples in there, all were clearly naked. I took the lead and jumped in, my wife hessitated, dropped her robe and climed in. All eyes were on her nice big tits and shaved pussy as she entered the water.

We stayed in there for a short period of time, the other couple left to go to the play room. This room had a large room size mattress covering the floor and there was two other couples going at it. Whilst the lighting was dim you could still make out clearly what was going on. We started to make out and before to much longer a single guy came and stood over us. This was a bit of a shock as the Club had advertised couples only. My wife seemed relaxed so I waived him in to join and my wife responded immediatley by sucking and pulling his cock. We both took turns in fingering her and just when it looked like she might go all the way he started to get a bit agressive by sticking his fingers in her mouth.

My wife clearly didn’t like this so we asked him to leave us. After a brief experince with another couple in which she sucked his cock we went back up and had a drink. We then struck up a conversation with another couple of similar age. It was their first time as well and the wife wasn’t really enjoying herself but the husband was loving it. I suggested that we have a turn swapping wives, both wives were hessitant but after some coaxing they agreed. The husband had his eyes all over my wife and was clearly eager to play.

We went into a private room, his wife wasn’t much fun and before to long we just sat and watched my wife and her husband sucking and fingering like crazy. He had three fingers up her and his cock fully down her thoat. He was fully pumping his cock into her mouth and eventually she had a big orgasm. It was an increadibly exciting experience watching my faithfull wife of 24 years totally at the mercy of this other man as he knelt over her, one hand right inside her pussy and pumping his cock in and out of her month.

His rythym increased until he unloaded his load into my wife’s mouth. She hungrily swallowed it down and kept sucking. He had this big smile on his face which his wife clearly didn’t like as she said that that was enough. I quickly jumped in and fucked my wife like crazy whilst the other two watched. By now it was 2am and the club was winding down. In all she had sucked three cocks for the night, tasted two lots of pre-come, swallowed a hole load and had been well and truely fingered. My wife really enjoyed her experieince, we are having a lot of fun reliving our experience and I’m sure I will get her back to a Swingers Club for more cuckold action next time we are away.

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