Wife Wears Anklet – Cuckold

November 12, 2015

Cuckold Signal – My wife has told me to post this in as many places as possible and since I just came across this wonderful blog of cucks I am submitting here too.

“Hi my name is Amanda, I’m 32 and have been married to Mike my husband for nearly 10 years. We met at school and got engaged at the end of our A levels. Mike was my first real boyfriend and whilst we had sex before we were married, I’ve never been with anyone else.

I was always a “plain Jane” at school and at 5 foot 2 inches tall was never model material. I keep fit visiting the gym once a week and also running as I’ve done a couple of marathons. I’ve never been a great follower of fashion and usually wear jeans at home, or trousers to work with trainers of flat shoes. I love my work as an assistant chief Librarian and have recently been doing a lot of IT training as we’re becoming more and more computer based.

It was after a training course earlier in the year when I was practicing what I’d learnt on our pc at home. I stumbled on some chat logs and web site addresses that Mike had been visiting. I was rather shocked and a somewhat offended when on further investigation I discovered that the sites were all related to cuckold fantasies as were his chat logs. Mike had always been very straight and considerate and whilst our sex life was ok he’d never expressed an interest in anything out of the ordinary. It did however make me wonder what exactly he wanted as it seemed to explain one of last years Christmas presents, a gold bracelet, necklace and ankle chain, the latter which I’d never worn but it seems it can be a sign to other men!

I went to work the next day and over lunch talked it over with Carla my boss and friend. She said I shouldn’t worry and perhaps ought to try dressing a bit more feminine some times and see if that kept him happy. Over the next few weeks we went shopping during our lunch breaks and I brought a couple of smart skirts an some high heels, I thought 3 ¾ inch was a bit high but Carla assured me that at 5 ft 2 I could get away with them ok. I wore the skirts and heels with tights to work a few times and Mike always commented on how nice I looked and jokingly asked if I was meeting my boyfriend. I did notice that I was getting a few more looks than usual or perhaps that was just me.

At home I’d continued to check out Mike’s chat logs and web browsing and found he still wanted to see his wife “ Mandy” with another man.

I started to visit the sites myself and far from my initial feelings of shock and offence actually found myself getting turned on, I started to fantasize about the stories of wives being dominated by bulls and made to be total sluts to men with huge cocks.

I told Carla about my fantasies and Mike’s web use and said I didn’t know what to do, she said if I really wanted to go further she had a few friends of her and her husband that she could introduce me to. I was horrified at the thought but still the idea turned me on!

It was a couple of weeks later that we were asked to oversee the kitting out of a new Library for the IT kit, Carla went the first couple of days then passed it on to me as I was more into the IT stuff. The 2 guys cabling the place were called Paul and Danny, were in their late 30’s.

All I had to do was go down and show them where things had to go and give them access to the secure areas. Paul and Danny were good company and were always joking around and I have to admit I was flattered by the attention, as they were both good looking guys with athletic figures and both at 6 foot they towered above me.

At the end of the first week I visited the main office to update Carla with the progress and have a chat over coffee. After the usual business stuff she asked how I found Paul and Danny, I told her they were a tease and good fun. She asked if I liked them and I had to admit I did. Carla suggested that they might be a good choice to be my first “Bull” as I wouldn’t need to see them again if it didn’t work out. I laughed it of I wasn’t sure about one let alone two!

While we were talking Paul called my mobile and said he’d be late on Monday as he had to collect some kit on the way in and Danny was off. Well Carla said after the call, that’s your chance! I said I wasn’t sure and in anycase I’d never chatted a guy up in my life. Carla suggested I just dress nice and wear the anklet I’d told her about and see what happens.

Come Monday morning I still hadn’t decided, although I’d been horny all weekend thinking about it. Mike left home at 7 for work while I was in the shower, what the hell I thought, I’ll see how it goes I’m not committing to anything. I shaved my pussy smooth and dressed in my knee length black skirt with a pair of tan lace top holdups I’d brought while out shopping on Saturday. The last time I’d worn stockings was on my wedding day! I slipped a pair of my tiniest panties up my stockinged legs and put the ankle chain on my right ankle. I put a white bra and jumper on and pushed my feet into the 3 ¾ inch heels I felt so sexy and excited.

I arrived at the new library and unlocked and settled down to do some paper work. A few minuets late my mobile rang, it was Paul wanting letting in. I let him in and we both got on with our work. About an hour later I made us a coffee and Paul came and stood talking to me. He commented on how nice I looked in a skirt and said I should wear one more often which made me blush. He then said I should be careful wearing the anklet as it means things to some men. I asked him what he meant and he explained that some men have their wives wear them to indicate that they are available to other men. I told him I knew and that my husband had brought it me for Christmas. He smiled at me and asked if I’d been with any other men since Christmas, I said I hadn’t as this was the first day I’d worn it. Paul asked if I wanted to have another man. I thought back to the web sites I’d been looking at and to how wet I’d got. I’d like to be made to I answered, my face burning.

Do you want me to tell you what to do Amanda he asked, yes Paul I murmured. Speak up girl and call me Sir. I was shocked by his sudden change of tone in his voice but answered Yes Sir.

On your knees Amanda he ordered , I kneeled in front of him. He took my hands and put them on his trousers, I could feel his bulge it felt huge. Get it out and look at it Amanda. I unzipped him and pulled his cock out it wasn’t properly hard yet but was still much bigger than Mike’s. Put it in your mouth Amanda, I didn’t need telling twice. I took the large head in my mouth and started sucking bobbing my head back and forth as my wet mouth stretched to accommodate his swelling girth.

After a while he ordered me to stand in front of him and pull up my skirt. I stood in front of him skirt around my waist and stocking tops on display he had me open my legs and rubbed my very wet pussy through my soaking panties.

You want fucking Amanda? Yes Sir I want it. Then take that bit of wet rag of your cunt he ordered. I slipped the wet material of my panties down my shaking stocking clad legs as Paul stood watching me. He pushed me back against the desk telling me to spread my legs wide. He was rubbing me hard pushing his fingers into me. Then he stopped and slapped my pussy with his hand it hurt like hell yet felt so good, you like it bitch he asked “ yes Sir” he kept rubbing me intermingled with firm sharp slaps to my pussy. I could feel it stinging becoming more and more tender. He stopped you ready to be fucked Amanda? Yes Sir, Please. I so needed it. Where do you want it Amanda? Here, now Sir I asked no you stupid slut, where do you want my cock? In my pussy Sir I corrected myself, it’s a cunt Amanda, where do you want my cock? In my cunt Sir, please make me take it. That’s better he bent me over a chair hands on the seat pulling off my jumper and pulling my boobs out of their bra in the process. I felt the tip of his huge cock nudge into my soaking pussy, he started to push but I was so tight, he pushed harder and I felt a burning pain as he slid in stretching me further than I’d ever been stretched before. I felt my legs buckle as I had a huge orgasm. Paul pulled me back up with his arm under my stomach as he started to fuck me hard. I was gasping and panting sex had never been this good before. He reached round mauling my boobs pulling at my sensitive nipples. In between pulling he was slapping my breasts they were red and hot but I’d never felt so horny, so turned on. I lost count how many times I came.

I’m gonna shoot my cum up your married cunt Amanda is that what your husband wants Amanda? Yes Sir Please, fill me. then he shot into me spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum, I didn’t know a man could cum so much. I collapsed on the chair exhausted from the best fuck ever.

Paul pulled me up by the hair stand up slut in the corner hands on your head I obeyed, Yes Sir. I could hear him moving behind me as I felt his cum running out of me and down my legs into my lace stocking tops. Paul dressed and then told me to turn round, he had his camera phone in his hand and took a picture of me, stood there hands on head red marked breasts and pussy leaking cum. He picked up my bra and panties of the floor and walked away get dressed cunt, I’ll keep these.

I pulled on my jumper and skirt and headed to the toilets to sort myself out, although it was difficult to stop his cum leaking out of my gapping pussy.

Back in the office I rang Carla my pussy and breasts still stinging. Hi Carla, I did it……






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