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August 3, 2015

Wife’s First Time – My wife officially became a hotwife last Sunday night with a guy she had just met. She tells the story beautifully here in an email to me from work. She refused to tell me asap and wanted me to ‘wait’ until the next morning and told me to check my email as she was leaving. Here is what I got in my inbox ….

I went to Target on Saturday to pick up a few things and saw a cute guy walking around wearing a white t-shirt… Ahhhh… White tshirts on guys are so hot… Any how… He and I made eye contact and I smiled and walked away…. Soon he walked by me again and we made eye contact and smiled again… By this point my heart was racing because it was evident he was interested in me….and I in him… The next time he passed by he handed me a piece of paper with his phone number! I was so shocked… I haven’t gotten a phone number like that in years!!!

Saw him one last time as I was checking out. No words were exchanged but desire was clearly there….on his and my part. I raced home to show my husband the little piece of paper and he asked me if I was interested in meeting him. I told him only if he wanted me to. He handed me my cell phone and said, “Text him.”

We exchanged texts off and on all nite. Told me how sexy he thought I was and I shared with him how attracted I was to him. Also told him how hubby and I like to play and he was FLOORED. Basically we left our text session that nite very hot and bothered by the idea of meeting up how he would love to fuck me hard. It was all so hot.

Sunday I spent the day out of town and left my cell behind. Didn’t want our day to be intruded upon by my sex games…However when I returned that nite I had 4 messages from my friend asking me if I wanted to meet up. I dismissed the idea however husband’s erection grew in excitement…He wanted me to go be his hotwife… To go fuck this guy I hardly knew and come home and tell him all about it. He showered me, picked out my clothes and sent me off to make his sexual fantasy come true.

I met him in the parking lot of a park and we basically sat in my car and talked… for a much longer time than I actually wanted however I wasn’t going to make the first move. If he wanted this pussy, he needed to work for it….Suddenly in an awkward silence in conversation, he just pulled my face to his and forcefully kissed me… Deeply and with passion. His hands were all over me; grabbing my breast with one hand and reaching for my wet pussy with the other. He pulled me on top of him and I removed one of my breasts from my shirt and placed it on his mouth… A rush of desire radiated through me as he licked on my nipples and I felt his erection grow under me. Then he asked, “Baby, do you want to suck on my cock?”

I immediately started pulling at his belt and undid his jeans. He pulled down his jeans and pulled his cock out from his boxer shorts. It was so yummy… Hard and throbbing for me… I then asked him if it would be OK if I called my husband so he could listen in. Hubby answered very quickly and I told him, “Baby, I’ve got a cock in my mouth. You want to listen to me fuck this guy?” He said yes and I set the phone down.

I began licking his cock from the bottom up making eye contact with him the whole time. Then I tightly wrapped my lips around him. I felt a rushing sensation against my tongue immediately…He moaned in delight and started guiding my head as my mouth worked his shaft up and down…. He suddenly pulled my head up and guided me back to his mouth. Said if I kept doing that he would surely cum more quickly than he wanted to. He flipped me over and began feverishly licking my pussy, inserting fingers and teasing my ass… Just as I felt my orgasm building, he stopped and said, “Not yet baby” and started kissing my mouth. I could taste me on his tongue…on his lips. I generally don’t like being teased out of an orgasm but somehow he made it work.

He then asked me to climb on top of his cock. He was delighted to see that I had brought my “Magnum” condoms and I carefully rolled one onto his shaft and quickly sat on top of his erection. We moaned in unison from the pleasure of our bodies joining. He fucked me so deeply and I rode his cock with enthusiasm. He asked me to slow down but I told him it was OK if he came quickly. He said he didn’t want to just yet and pulled me off his cock and turned me around and placed me back on his cock my back facing toward him. He thrust inside of me deeply a few times and then asked, “Where do I get to cum?” I asked if he wanted to cum on my tits and he requested he give me a “facial”. He pulled me off of him, removed the condom and brought my mouth back to his cock. Within three motions up and down he quickly pulled my mouth off him and cum began to shower my face!

He grabbed a towel I had in my backseat and wiped my face off and upon regaining his breath, he pulled my pussy to his mouth and in no time worked me feverishly into orgasm. My release was strong and forceful….

We laid against each other for only a moment and began dressing…Afterall, we were still in a parking lot. I got back on the phone and asked my husband, “How was that? Was I a good girl?” He was delighted by hearing the sounds we made during our fuck session. I told him I wouldn’t be much longer and to expect me to fuck his brains out when I returned and I hung up.

We talked for a little while longer, he praising me for my cock sucking abilities and telling me how hot I was. He then kissed me forcefully and said he should go….I started my engine and with the closing of the passenger door, I made my way home.

I let myself into the house and found my husband naked in bed with his throbbing erection in hand. I told him I’d tell him all the details tomorrow. Then he pulled my pussy to his mouth and said, “I want to lick on this used pussy.” and feverishly worked my clit to orgasm. Before I could even regain my composure my husband forcefully thrust his cock into my pussy and within 4 or 5 hard thrusts my husbands orgasm released inside of me… We laid next to each other, catching our breaths and basking in the pleasures of our first experience with me…as his hotwife….

She is actually on another adventure right now with him. I’ll share more soon.




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