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August 15, 2015

Humiliated Husband – I love the site and I’m hoping you’ll post my story of a recent cuckoldry experience with my gf Sarah. The story is below and pics of Sarah are attached.

Sarah is tall, blonde, nice boobs, Swedish. We first met at a bar and had a one night stand that a few months later somehow led to a relationship. Don’t ask me how. I still wonder myself. She is taller than me and most of my buddies joke that she could beat me up if she wanted to. It’s probably true. We’re both in our late twenties, very sexual, and open minded. We’ve been going out for two years now and this story which I will now recount occurred one week ago.

After a couple years of going out, Sarah and I had tried everything in the book sex wise. Power play, anal, exhibition/voyeur, bdsm… you name it – we did it. When trying to find new kinks to explore, we would often look at porn together on the computer. Once we found something that interested us both, we would make a plan to make it happen. Usually the plan involved getting a big dildo or handcuffs or something like that, but during our last porn session, we stumbled upon something more elaborate. While looking at bdsm porn, we somehow jumped to femdom and then to cuckoldry. I wasn’t very knowledgeable about cuckoldry previously. While online, I remarked that femdom looked pretty hot. Sarah said she would like to try dominating me and that cuckoldry was something she had been interested in for awhile. Not knowing entirely what I was getting into, I agreed to make a plan with her for cuckoldry.

In our sexual past, we had a couple encounters with group play. We had a threesome once with a college chick which devolved mostly into just lesbian sex between her and Sarah. We also once met with an older couple who watched us have sex. But we had never been in a situation before where she was actively with another man. I wasn’t overly excited with the idea at first but the more I thought about it, the hotter the scene became in my mind.

After researching online, Sarah and I agreed that the best way to find a bull would be a post an ad online. The text of the ad follows below:

Young Couple seeks Bull for Cuckold play

Hi. We’re in our late twenties. She is tall, white, blonde, big boobs, sexy body. He is skinny, short dark hair, 6’’ cut. We are inexperienced, but we’re seeking an older bull who can introduce us to cuckoldry. She wants to be dominated by her bull and he wants to be dominated by both her and the bull together. Looking to meet first, talk things over, and then move somewhere more private.

Unsurprisingly with the pics of her that we attached to the ad, we received a ton of replies. One message stood out in particular though. The message was from a guy called Mike. The text from his message follows below:

Hello young cuckold couple. My name is Mike. I’m white, 45, experienced in the lifestyle, clean, disease free, and kinky. I’ve worked with younger couples in the past and found the experiences very exciting. I don’t want to go back and forth endlessly with emails. If you’re interested in meeting a real bull who can help you achieve your fantasies, meet me at the Starbucks on —— and —– at 7pm tomorrow night. She should wear a short skirt, pink panties, and a tight fitting top. He should wear jeans and a tshirt. Once you sit down with me, our play will start immediately. You must follow all of my orders. If you hesitate even for a second, I will assume you’re not serious and will promptly leave. Hope to see you there.

We we’re both impressed with Mike’s message and couldn’t stop guessing what he would make us do. We quickly decided we would meet him at his specified time and place.

We prepared as Mike requested and departed to the Starbucks. When we entered the door, we immediately saw Mike sitting in the back. He looked good in his pics, but in person he looked much bigger and buffer. I immediately felt a little intimidated by his size.

We both approached Mike and sat down at his table. As we sat down, he looked at both of us. We sat in silence for 10 second before he said, “By sitting down here, you agree to answer all my questions honestly and follow all my orders completely. Are you ready to do this?” We both nodded yes. He continued, “To know that you are for real and not playing games with me, you need to accomplish a first task for me. By doing this task, you will prove to me that you are serious about achieving your fantasies.” He looked directly at Sarah, “You will discreetly slide off your panties and hand them to me.” Sarah looked back and saw that no one was looking and then quickly reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. She handed them to Mike for his inspection and he looked pleased by her immediate obedience. Mike then turned to me and handed me the panties, “You will go into the bathroom and put on your girlfriend’s panties under your jeans. When you come back, you must discreetly show Sarah and I that you are wearing the panties.” I hesitated for a split second and Mike was about to voice his disapproval but Sarah blurted out, “Put on my panties you sissy. I know you want to.” With her encouragement, I grabbed the panties from Mike and headed to the bathroom. The panties we’re soft and silky and I grew half a hard on just putting them on. I quickly put my jeans back on a headed back to Mike and Sarah. While walking back, I could see that Mike had Sarah spreading her legs so that he could see her pussy under the table. When they noticed me, she quickly closed her legs. I turned my back to the rest of the shop, pulled up my shirt and pulled down my jeans a few inches so Sarah and Mike could see the panties on me. I was both humiliated and exhilarated by what I had just done. I sat back down and Mike praised both of us for following orders.

“You are both mine now,” Mike said, “I will refer to you as Slut and Cuck. We will both go to our cars now. Slut – you will ride with me. Cuck – you will follow in your car.”

We got in our cars and I followed Mike closely. He drove about 5 blocks up the road to strip mall that was mostly closed up for the night. We parked next to each other in the corner of the parking lot.

Mike and Sarah got out of their car and walked to me. Sarah had obviously already been instructed in what was going to happen. Mike said, “Cuck – you will take off all your clothes except your panties and hand them to Sarah along with the keys to your car.” I did as he asked and felt very exposed but luckily no one was around. Sarah took the clothes and the keys and got back in Mike’s car. Mike turned on his car and drove away. I was beside myself in worry. I thought he was gonna leave me there in my car all night in just my panties. As he departed the parking lot, though, he headed directly across street to another parking lot and parked on the corner adjacent to where I was parked. I had a pretty good view of his car but couldn’t see a much through his tinted windows. Nothing happened for what seemed like fifteen minutes. After awhile, I started to notice Mike’s car moving ever so slightly. It was rocking back and forth and it was obvious that he was fucking Sarah in his backseat.

I was jealous but also aroused. My dick turned Sarah’s panties into a tent as I peered over at Mike’s car. After ten minutes or so, the rocking stopped, Mike’s headlights turned on, and his car headed back across the street to me. He parked right next to me again, got out of his car, and walked over to my window. He instantly noticed my boner and asked me if I enjoyed what just happened. I nodded yes. Sarah then got out of his car. He instructed her to stand in front of my hood. She looked completely ravaged. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were nearly falling off. Mike then looked at his watched and said, “You have one minute to jerk off. This will be the last opportunity you have to cum for the next month. If and when you cum, you must cum into the inside of the panties. You can’t cum on your hand. Your one minute starts now.” For the first 5 seconds, I was completely frozen. It was so demeaning to be forced to jerk off in front of Sarah and Mike and then cum into the panties I was wearing. I didn’t want to give up my last opportunity to cum for a month though, so I started stroking. At 30 seconds left, my cock was rock hard. Sarah didn’t even move. She just stood there and looked back at me. I stared at her legs which were wet with sweat and her nipples which we’re poking through her cotton top. I came with 7 seconds left and it was a huge load. The front half of the panties were completely soaked with cum.

After I was done, Sarah got in my car with me but without my clothes or keys. Mike told me, “We’ll meet tomorrow. Sarah knows where and when. I think I’m gonna enjoy both of you very much.” Mike got in his car and drove about 30 feet before stopping, opening his window, and tossing my clothes and keys out onto the ground. He then drove away and Sarah said, “You’re suppose to go get your clothes and keys,” with a smirk.

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